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2016Overview of methods and tools for evaluating future woody biomass availability in European countriesBarreiro, Susana; Schelhaas, Mart-Jan; Kändler, Gerald; Antón-Fernández, Clara; Colin, Antoine; Bontemps, Jean-Daniel; Alberdi, Iciar; Condés, Sonia; Dumitru, Marius; Ferezliev, Angel; Fischer, Christoph; Gasparini, Patrizia; Gschwantner, Thomas; Kindermann, Georg; Kjartansson, Bjarki; Kovácsevics, Pál; Kucera, Milos; Lundström, Anders; Marin, Gheorghe; Mozgeris, Gintautas; Nord-Larsen, Thomas; Packalen, Tuula; Redmond, John; Sacchelli, Sandro; Sims, Allan; Snorrason, Arnór; Stoyanov, Nickola; Thürig, Esther; Wikberg, Per-Erikresearch article
2016Stem quality assessment in European National Forest Inventories: an opportunity for harmonised reporting?Bosela, Michal; Redmond, John; Kucera, Milos; Marin, Gheorghe; Gschwantner, Thomas; Petras, Rudolf; Korhonen, Kari; Kuliešis, Andrius; Kulbokas, Gintaras; Fischer, Christoph; Lanz, Adrianresearch article