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2-Jun-2016Ad Blocking as a Copyright InfringementJurevičius, Andriusmaster thesis
2019Advocate general turns down the music: sampling is not a fundamental right under EU copyright lawJuette, Bernd Justin; Quintais, João Pedroresearch article
2019A careful construction of the distribution rightJuette, Bernd Justinresearch article
2019CJEU permits sampling of phonograms under a de minimis rule and the quotation exceptionJuette, Bernd Justinresearch article
2020Copyright and remote teaching in the time of COVID-19: a study of contractual terms and conditions of selected online servicesPascault, Léo; Jutte, Bernd Justin; Diega, Guido Noto La; Priora, Giuliaresearch article
2020Digital copyright condensed : [review]Juette, Bernd Justinreview article
2-Jun-2016Does the Act of Watching Unauthorized Streaming Content Constitute Copyright Infringement?Baziulis, Laurynasmaster thesis
5-Jun-2019Does the obligation to enforce the rights of other and prevent infringements constitute an interference with the rights of an intermediary service provider?Čivaitė, Ievamaster thesis
12-Jan-2018Does the US fair use doctrine leave more room for technological change? Transformative use in the US and the EU.Kuprys, Justasmaster thesis
2020Finding the balance in copyright law: internal and external control through fundamental rightsJutte, Bernd Justinresearch article
2020Forcing flexibility with fundamental rights: questioning the dominance of exclusive rightsJuette, Bernd Justinresearch article
2018Ein horizontales Konzept der Öffentlichkeit - Facetten aus dem europäischen UrheberrechtJuette, Bernd Justinresearch article
2020Leaking of secret military reports qualifies as reporting of current eventsJutte, Bernd Justinresearch article
2019The limited effects of fundamental rights on copyright exceptionsJuette, Bernd Justinresearch article
2020No copyright infringement for publication by the press of politician’s controversial essayPriora, Giulia; Juette, Bernd Justinresearch article
2018A plaidoyer for the relevance of copyright exhaustion : [review]Juette, Bernd Justinreview article
2019A reasoned and reasonable argument to untangle the derivative works right : [review]Juette, Bernd Justinreview article
2018Remixe auf Hosting-Plattformen : [review]Juette, Bernd Justinreview article
2019Responsible information sharing: converging boundaries between private and public in privacy and copyright lawVandendriessche, Annelies; Juette, Bernd Justinresearch article
2019Safeguarding user freedoms in implementing article 17 of the copyright in the digital single market directive: recommendations from European AcademicsQuintais, João Pedro; Frosio, Giancarlo; Gompel, Stef van; Hugenholtz, P. Bernt; Husovec, Martin; Juette, Bernd Justin; Senftleben, Martinresearch article