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2019Investigation of a 1-DOF piezoelectric micro-positioning rotary stageGrybas, Ignas; Bubulis, Algimantas; Jūrėnas, Vytautas; Ragulskis, Kazimieras; Eidukynas, Valdas; Kandrotaitė-Janutienė, Rasa; Ragulskis, Liutaurasresearch article
2017Vibrational method of cleaning of surfaces from homogeneous waste materialsRagulskis, Kazimieras; Bubulis, Algimantas; Mažeika, Darius; Kandrotaitė-Janutienė, Rasa; Ragulskis, Liutauras Mykolas; Bartkus, Audriusresearch article