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2018Response of juvenile progeny of seven forest tree species and their populations to simulated climate change-related stressors, heat, elevated humidity and droughtPliūra, Alfas; Jankauskienė, Jurga; Lygis, Vaidotas; Suchockas, Vytautas; Bajerkevičienė, Gintarė; Verbylaitė, Ritaresearch article
2018Evaluation of Early Stage Regeneration of Forest Communities Following Natural and Human-caused Disturbances in the Transitional Zone between Temperate and Hemiboreal ForestsSuchockas, Vytautas; Pliūra, Alfas; Labokas, Juozas; Lygis, Vaidotas; Dobrowolska, Dorota; Jankauskienė, Jurga; Verbylaitė, Ritaresearch article
31-May-2018Tuopų (Populus L.) hibridų ir klonų medienos savybių tyrimasPeleckis, Petrasmaster thesis
2019Pre-sowing Norway spruce seed treatment with cold plasma and electromagnetic field induces long-term effects in plants and affected plant response to environmental stressNaučienė, Zita; Malakauskienė, Asta; Tirva, Dominykas; Žūkienė, Rasa; Paužaitė, Giedrė; Mildažienė, Vida; Degutytė-Fomins, Laima; Ivankov, Anatolii; Filatova, Irina; Lyushkevich, Veronika; Pliūra, Alfasconference paper
2019Response of juveniles of seven forest tree species and their populations to different combinations of simulated climate change-related stressors: spring-frost, heat, drought, increased UV radiation and ozone concentration under elevated CO2 levelPliūra, Alfas; Jankauskienė, Jurga; Bajerkevičienė, Gintarė; Lygis, Vaidotas; Suchockas, Vytautas; Labokas, Juozas; Verbylaitė, Ritaresearch article
2020Ecogenetic plasticity and genetic variation in populus hybrids under the impact of simulated climate change related stressorsGudynaitė-Franckevičienė, Valda; Pliūra, Alfas; Suchockas, Vytautasresearch article
2020The effects of different combinations of simulated climate change-related stressors on juveniles of seven forest tree species grown as mono-species and mixed culturesPliūra, Alfas; Bajerkevičienė, Gintarė; Labokas, Juozas; Lygis, Vaidotas; Jankauskienė, Jurga; Suchockas, Vytautas; Verbylaitė, Ritaresearch article