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2004Vertical integration in developmental teaching at the age of 4-8 yearsHakkarainen, Pentti Ensio; Brėdikytė, Mildaresearch article
2012Editor's introduction. Perspective construction and perceptionHakkarainen, Pentti Ensioresearch article
2012Cultural-historical approach to the development of self-regulationHakkarainen, Pentti Ensioconference paper
2012Editor's introduction. Basic concepts of psychologyHakkarainen, Pentti Ensioresearch article
2013Editor's introduction. The methodological crisis in Russian (and Western) psychologyHakkarainen, Pentti Ensioresearch article
2013Pretend play, motivation and self-regulationHakkarainen, Pentti Ensioconference paper
2013Kehittävän leikkipedagogiikan perusteetHakkarainen, Pentti Ensio; Brėdikytė, Mildabook
2013Development of self-regulation in play/innovative/alternative approachesHakkarainen, Pentti Ensioconference paper
2013Adult play guidance and children's play development in a narrative play-worldHakkarainen, Pentti Ensio; Brėdikytė, Milda; Jakkula, Kaisa; Munter, Hilkkaresearch article
2013Development of self-regulation in playBrėdikytė, Milda; Gulbinaitė, Brigita; Loikienė, Olga; Grauslienė, Izabelė; Lazdauskas, Tomas; Nasvytienė, Dalia; Hakkarainen, Pentti Ensio; Ryabkova, Irina; Sheina, Elenaconference paper
2013Editor's introduction. The methodology of psychologyHakkarainen, Pentti Ensioresearch article
2013Editor's introduction. The psychology of childhoodHakkarainen, Pentti Ensioresearch article
2014Preservice teaching practice in narrative environmentVuorinen, Marja-Leena; Hakkarainen, Pentti Ensioresearch article
2014Play age as source of self-regulation [elektroninis išteklius]Hakkarainen, Pentti Ensioconference paper
2014Uderstanding narrative as a key aspect of playHakkarainen, Pentti Ensio; Brėdikytė, Mildabook part
2014Play and imagination in human ontogenesis – Vygotsky’s cultural-historical approachHakkarainen, Pentti Ensio; Brėdikytė, Milda; Safarov, Ildarresearch article
2014Creative imagination in play-worlds : wonder-full early childhood education in Finland and the United StatesHakkarainen, Pentti Ensio; Ferholt, Bethbook part
2014Development of self-regulation in children's play [elektroninis išteklius]Hakkarainen, Pentti Ensio; Brėdikytė, Milda; Nasvytienė, Dalia; Brandišauskienė, Agnėconference paper
2015Why cildrens's play and play research is worth of promoting = Kodėl verta skatinti vaikų žaidimą ir žaidimo tyrimus?Hakkarainen, Pentti Ensioconference paper
2015How play creates the Zone of Proximal DevelopmentHakkarainen, Pentti Ensio; Brėdikytė, Mildabook part