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2009Identification of instantaneous signals of verbal communicationsMerkevičius, Stanislovas; Butkus, Ričardas; Jotautienė, Eglė; Vasiliauskas, Gediminasresearch article
2009Identification of instantaneous signals of verbal communicationsMerkevičius, Stanislovas; Butkus, Ričardas; Jotautienė, Eglė; Vasiliauskas, Gediminasconference paper
2019Impact of green walls on the performance of a building in a Mediterranean climateCampiotti, Carlo Alberto; Scibetta, Carlo; Caltabellotta, Noemi; Giagnacovo, Germina; Jotautienė, Eglėresearch article
2006Importance of engineering design in the technical science studySankauskienė, Tatjana; Milius, Petras; Jotautienė, Eglėresearch article
2005The influence of low and very low frequency traffic noise to acoustic quality of environmentVaičaitis, R; Merkevičius, Stanislovas; Liegus, Minvydas; Eimutienė, S; Jotautienė, Eglėresearch article
2008The influence of noise radiated by traffic to quality of audible informationMerkevičius, Stanislovas; Jotautienė, Eglė; Liegus, Minvydas; Šarlauskas, Alvidas; Vasiliauskas, Gediminasresearch article
2019Innovation for the Italian agricurtural and food industry sectorGreco, Carlo; Campiotti, Alessandro; Latini, Arianna; Agnello, Alessandro; Jotautienė, Eglė; Mammano, Michele Massimoresearch article
2006Instructional screw - gear designMikelaitis, Juozas; Jotautienė, Eglė; Ulickas, Edvardas; Balčiūnas, Tomasresearch article
2008Interdependence of noise and traffic flowBazaras, Jonas; Jablonskytė, Janina; Jotautienė, Eglėresearch article
2020Investigation in spreading uniformity of granular manureJotautienė, Eglė; Bivainis, Vaidas; Zinkevičienė, Raimonda; Mieldažys, Ramūnasresearch article
2017Investigation into aerodynamic features of granular manure fertilizersZinkevičienė, Raimonda; Jotautienė, Eglėconference paper
2019Investigation of black poplar (Populus nigra l.) preparation and utilization for energy conversionJasinskas, Algirdas; Banionienė, Vilma; Jotautienė, Eglė; Ziemelis, Imantsresearch article
2017Investigation of effects of organic fertilizer pellet rheological and geometric properties on mechanical strengthPocius, Antanas; Jotautienė, Eglė; Zvicevičius, Egidijus; Savickienė, Sigutėresearch article
2011Investigation of grain separation through straw layer over oscillating screenSteponavičius, Dainius; Jotautienė, Eglė; Petkevičius, Sigitas; Butkus, Vidmantasresearch article
2020Investigation of granular organic fertilizer distribution in soil using computer simulationZinkevičienė, Raimonda; Jotautienė, Eglėconference paper
2015Investigation of granulation process influence to granulated organic compost fertilizer propertiesPocius, Antanas; Jotautienė, Eglė; Domeika, Rolandas; Jasinskas, Algirdas; Kučinskas, Vytautas; Palšauskas, Mečysresearch article
2014Investigation of granulation process parameters influence on granulated fertilizer compost propertiesPocius, Antanas; Jotautienė, Eglė; Mieldažys, Ramūnas; Jasinskas, Algirdas; Kučinskas, Vytautasresearch article
2005An investigation of infrasonic in traffic flow noiseIlgakojis, Petras; Jotautienė, Eglė; Merkevičius, Stanislovas; Bazaras, Jonasresearch article
2018Investigation of lorry noise and fuel consumption during accelerationZdanevičius, Mindaugas; Jotautienė, Eglėresearch article
2014Investigation of noise radiated by traffic at the intersection of roadsJotautienė, Eglė; Pocius, Antanas; Pažėra, Raimundas; Mieldažys, Ramūnasresearch article