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2005Afforestation planning and biodiversity conservation: predicting effects on habitat functionality in LithuaniaLazdinis, Marius; Roberge, Jean-Michel; Kurlavičius, Petras; Mozgeris, Gintautas; Angelstam, Perresearch article
2005Age-related effects of clear-cut-old forest edges on bird communities in LithuaniaBrazaitis, Gediminas; Roberge, Jean-Michel; Angelstam, Per; Marozas, Vitas; Pėtelis, Kęstutisresearch article
2021Assessment and spatial planning for peatland conservation and restoration: Europe’s trans-border Neman river basin as a case studyManton, Michael; Makrickas, Evaldas; Banaszuk, Piotr; Kołos, Aeksander; Kamocki, Andrzej; Grygoruk, Mateusz; Stachowicz, Marta; Jarašius, Leonas; Zableckis, Nerijus; Sendžikaitė, Jūratė; Peters, Jan; Napreenko, Maxim; Wichtmann, Wendelin; Angelstam, Perresearch article
2018Barriers and Bridges for Landscape Stewardship and Knowledge Production to Sustain Functional Green InfrastructuresAngelstam, Per; Elbakidze, Marine; Lawrence, Anna; Manton, Michael; Melecis, Viesturs; Perera, Ajith Hbook part
2017A bottom-up approach to map land covers as potential green infrastructure hubs for human well-being in rural settings: A case study from SwedenElbakidze, Marine; Angelstam, Per; Yamelynets, Taras; Dawson, Lucas; Gebrehiwot, Mersha; Stryamets, Nataliya; Johansson, Karl-Erik; Garrido, Pablo; Naumov, Vladimir; Manton, Michaelresearch article
2018Defining Benchmarks for Restoration of Green Infrastructure: A Case Study Combining the Historical Range of Variability of Habitat and Species’ RequirementsManton, Michael; Angelstam, Perresearch article
2017Disrupted trophic interactions affect recruitment of boreal deciduous and coniferous trees in northern EuropeAngelstam, Per; Manton, Michael; Pedersen, Simen; Elbakidze, Marineresearch article
2019Effects of Land Use Intensification on Avian Predator Assemblages: A Comparison of Landscapes with Different Histories in Northern EuropeManton, Michael; Angelstam, Per; Naumov, Vladimirresearch article
2019European Union’s last intact forest landscapes are at a value chain crossroad between multiple use and intensified wood productionJonsson, Bengt Gunnar; Svensson, Johan; Mikusiński, Grzegorz; Manton, Michael; Angelstam, Perresearch article
2017Gap analysis as a basis for strategic spatial planning of green infrastructure: a case study in the Ukrainian CarpathiansAngelstam, Per; Yamelynets, Taras; Elbakidze, Marine; Prots, Bohdan; Manton, Michaelresearch article
2015Governance and management of green infrastructures for ecological sustainability: Wader bird conservation in a Swedish Biosphere ReserveManton, Michael; Angelstam, Perconference paper
2017Green infrastructure development at European Union's eastern border: effects of road infrastructure and forest habitat lossAngelstam, Per; Khaulyak, Olha; Yamelynets, Taras; Mozgeris, Gintautas; Naumov, Vladimir; Chmielewski, Tadeusz J; Elbakidze, Marine; Manton, Michael; Prots, Bohdan; Valasiuk, Sviataslauresearch article
2014Green infrastructure is more than land cover - Predators, prey and plants interactAngelstam, Per; Manton, Michaeljournal article
2017Green infrastructure maintenance is more than land cover: Large herbivores limit recruitment of key-stone tree species in SwedenAngelstam, Per; Pedersen, Simen; Manton, Michael; Garrido, Pablo; Naumov, Vladimir; Elbakidze,Marineresearch article
2004Habitat modelling as a tool for landscape-scale conservation - a review of parameters for focal forest birdsAngelstam, Per; Roberge, Jean-Michel; Lohmus, A; Bergmanis, M; Brazaitis, Gediminas; Dönz-Breuss, M; Edenius, L; Kosinski, Z; Kurlavičius, Petras; Larmanis, V; Lūkins, M; Mikusinski, G; Račinskis, E; Strazds, M; Tryjanowski, Presearch article
2018How to reconcile wood production and biodiversity conservation? The Pan-European boreal forest history gradient as an “experiment”Naumov, Vladimir; Manton, Michael; Elbakidze, Marine; Rendenieks, Zigmars; Priednieks, Janis; Uhlianets, Siarhei; Yamelynets, Taras; Zhivotov, Anton; Angelstam, Perresearch article
2004Identifying high conservation value forests in the Baltic States from forest databasesKurlavičius, Petras; Kuuba, Rainer; Lūkins, Martins; Mozgeris, Gintautas; Tolvanen, Petteri; Angelstam, Per; Karjalainen, Harri; Walsh, Marcusresearch article
2004Influence of edges between old deciduous forest and clearcuts on the abundance of passerine hole-nesting birds in LithuaniaBrazaitis, Gediminas; Angelstam, Perresearch article
2017Knowledge production and learning for functional green infrastructure - multiple landscapes as a research platformAngelstam, Per; Elbakidze, Marine; Manton, Michael; Törnblom, Johanjournal article
2019Knowledge production and learning for sustainable forest landscapes: the European continent's West and East as a laboratoryAngelstam, Per; Manton, Michael; Khaulyak, Olga; Naumov, Vladimir; Pedersen, Simen; Stryamets, Natalie; Törnblom, Johan; Valasiuk, Sviataslau; Yamelynets, Tarasresearch article