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2018Acalyptris amazonensis sp. nov.: documentation of another leaf-mining species supplementing the unique but disputable A. latipennata group (Lepidoptera: Nepticulidae)Stonis, Jonas Rimantas; Diškus, Arūnasresearch article
2011Acalyptris platani (Müller-Rutz) in the Crimea, Ukraine – the easternmost record of the Sub-mediterranean species in Europe (Insecta: Lepidoptera: Nepticulidae)Stonis, Jonas Rimantas; Remeikis, Andriusresearch article
2014Additions to the Nepticulidae (Lepidoptera) of East Asia, with descriptions of three new species from Primorskiy KrayStonis, Jonas Rimantas; Rocienė, Agnėresearch article
2007Amazonės dienoraštis : kaip sekėsi entomologams, norėjusiems atrasti naujų rūšių Pietų Amerikoje ties pusiaujuStonis, Jonas Rimantasjournal article
2005Amazonės paslaptys: naujų mokslui rūšių beieškant Pietų ir Centrinėje AmerikojeStonis, Jonas Rimantasresearch article
2018American Asteraceae-feeding Astrotischeria species with a highly modified, three-lobed valva in the male genitalia (Lepidoptera, Tischeriidae)Stonis, Jonas Rimantas; Diškus, Arūnas; Carvalho Filho, Fernando; Lewis, Owen Tresearch article
2018The American Brachinepticula gen. nov. and Manoneura Davis (Nepticulidae):a new generic concept based on a reinforced cathrema in the phallusStonis, Jonas Rimantas; Diškus, Arūnas; Remeikis, Andrius; Solis, Maria Almaresearch article
2017The American species of the genus Glaucolepis Braun, 1917 (Neotrifurcula van Nieukerken, syn. nov.) (Lepidoptera: Nepticulidae)Stonis, Jonas Rimantas; Remeikis, Andrius; Diškus, Arūnas; Solis, Maria Almaresearch article
2017Anacardiaceae-feeding Nepticulidae in the Neotropics: description of Stigmella lilliputica sp. nov. from Argentina, a pest on Chilean peppertree Schinus polygamaStonis, Jonas Rimantas; Remeikis, Andriusresearch article
2016The Ando-Patagonian Stigmella magnispinella group (Lepidoptera, Nepticulidae) with description of new species from Ecuador, Peru and ArgentinaStonis, Jonas Rimantas; Remeikis, Andrius; Diškus, Arūnas; Gerulaitis, Virginijusresearch article
2013An annotated list of the Opostegidae of the Himalaya, with a description of Pseudopostega brevicaudata sp. nov. (Lepidoptera: Nepticuloidea)Stonis, Jonas Rimantas; Remeikis, Andrius; Sruoga, Virginijusresearch article
2004Ar Lietuvoje gyvena mažieji gaubtagalviai?Stonis, Jonas Rimantas; Diškus, Arūnasresearch article
2018Asteraceae: host to the greatest diversity of leafmining Nepticulidae (Lepidoptera) in South America?Stonis, Jonas Rimantas; Diškus, Arūnas; Katinas, Liliana; Solis, M. Almaresearch article
2015Astrotischeria neotropicana sp. nov.—a leaf-miner on Sida, Malvaceae, currently with the broadest distribution range in the Neotropics (Lepidoptera, Tischeriidae)Diškus, Arūnas; Stonis, Jonas Rimantasresearch article
2014Biodiversity of Central America and Mexico: recent taxonomic additions to the fauna of Nepticuloidea (Insecta, Lepidoptera)Stonis, Jonas Rimantas; Remeikis, Andrius; Diškus, Arūnasresearch article
2013Blakės : įvairovė ir pavadinimai : mokomoji knyga studentams, mokytojams ir visiems besidomintiems gamtaStonis, Jonas Rimantas; Remeikis, Andrius; Baužys, Dariusbook
2011Būsimiems biologams ir ekologams – studijos Vilniaus pedagoginiame universiteteStonis, Jonas Rimantasjournal article
2005Checklist of African Tischeriidae (Insecta: Lepidoptera) with a redescription of the formerly neglected Tischeria urticicolella from Equatorial AfricaStonis, Jonas Rimantas; Diškus, Arūnasresearch article
2019Colombian Nepticuloidea and Tischerioidea: a small step out of obscurityStonis, Jonas Rimantas; Remeikis, Andrius; Vargas, Sergio Aresearch article
2009Contribution to the opostegidae fauna of Central America, with an updated checklist and description of new species from Costa Rica and Mexico (Insecta: Lepidoptera)Remeikis, Andrius; Stonis, Jonas Rimantas; Diškus, Arūnas; Davis, Donald Rresearch article