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31-May-2012Two Swords Reconsidered: The Unconscious Residue of Sovereignty in the New Nomos of the EarthKalpokas, Ignasmaster thesis
31-May-2012Migration as Becoming: the Experience of Immaterial Laborers from Lithuania in BerlinBareikytė, Miglėmaster thesis
2013AllegoryMininger, Jay Danielresearch article
2013The human network revisited: responses to Brynnar Swenson’s “The human network: social media and the limit of politics”Kalpokas, Ignas; Mininger, Jay Daniel; Rusinaitė, Viktorijaresearch article
29-May-2014Monuments of the Present: Mutability Issues on Remembering in the case of Soviet Monuments and MemorialsLingys, Rolandas Vytautasmaster thesis
2015The Style unto death: meditations on untimely late style in philosophyMininger, Jay Danielresearch article
28-May-2015See Things Differently: Consumer Society and Dialectics of Advertising in the Case of “Apple Inc.Migonis, Linasmaster thesis
28-May-2015The Regressive Dialectics of Musical Consumption: A Critique of Mainstream Music and the Culture IndustryVisockis, Edvinasmaster thesis
24-May-2016Between Ontology and Ethics: Derrida’s Conversation with Heidegger and LevinasTatarūnaitė, Giedrėmaster thesis
25-May-2016Foucault's Freudian Debt: Foucault, Freud and LacanValteraitis, Rytismaster thesis
25-May-2016The Antagonistic Afterlives of Foucauldian BiopoliticsŽekevičius, Aistismaster thesis
25-May-2016Neoliberal Aesthetics: Music as Social and Political CritiqueŠumila, Edvardasmaster thesis
23-May-2017At the margins of productivity: philosophy of uselessnessŠliuburys, Vytautasmaster thesis
23-May-2018Comparison of antirationalist thought between Zhuangzi and KierkegaardFratila, Gheorghe-Alexandrumaster thesis
23-May-2018Neoliberal subjectivity in pathologization of video gamingGelūnas, Benediktasmaster thesis
23-May-2018Dreaming in the face of decay: ecology of lack and politics of spaceUrbelis, Tautvydasmaster thesis
23-May-2018Truly, madly, deeply: mapping the formulas of love under the conditions of neoliberalismAmbrasaitė, Eglėmaster thesis
23-May-2018Concept of mimesis in Theodor W. Adorno's and Max Horkheimer aesthetic theoryJakevičius, Kristijonasmaster thesis
28-May-2021Suspension of Judgement as an Aesthetic Experience in cinemaPocevičius, Edvinasmaster thesis
11-Jun-2021The political economy of theft: workers’ narrativization of post-communist LithuaniaValiukevičius, Jurgisbachelor thesis