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2015Genetic diversity in Vaccinium corymbosum, V. australe, and V. angustifolium based on microsatellite analysisMardosaitė-Busaitienė, Dalytė; Rugienius, Rytis; Žukauskienė, Judita; Paulauskas, Algimantas; Bogačiovienė, Sigita; Česonienė, Laima; Daubaras, Remigijusconference paper
2009Genetic Structure of Isolated "Vaccinium oxycoccus" Populations in LithuaniaŽukauskienė, Judita; Paulauskas, Algimantas; Česonienė, Laima; Daubaras, Remigijusresearch article
2015Genotypes of cranberry bush Viburnum opulus is an up-and-coming plant for horticultureČesonienė, Laima; Daubaras, Remigijus; Venskutonis, Petras Rimantas; Kraujalytė, Vilmaconference paper
2012Genotyping of VMU Kaunas Botanical garden blueberry (Vaccinium L.) cultivars using microsatellite markersBogačiovienė, Sigita; Žukauskienė, Judita; Paulauskas, Algimantas; Česonienė, Laima; Daubaras, Remigijus; Savukaitytė, Aistėconference paper
2019Impact of clear cuttings on biodiversity of boreal forestsDaubaras, Remigijus; Česonienė, Laima; Stakėnas, Vidas; Tamutis, Vytautas; Zych, Marcinconference paper
2017Impact of clear-cuttings on the condition of bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus L.) populationČesonienė, Laima; Daubaras, Remigijus; Kaškonienė, Vilma; Kaškonas, Pauliusresearch article
2018The influence of light intensity on growth and productivity of lingonberries (Vaccinium vitis-idaea L.) in pinewoodsDaubaras, Remigijus; Česonienė, Laima; Zych, Marcinconference paper
2018Initial impact of clear-cut logging on dynamics of understory vascular plants and pollinators in Scots pine-dominated forests in LithuaniaČesonienė, Laima; Daubaras, Remigijus; Kaškonas, Paulius; Kaškonienė, Vilma; Maruška, Audrius; Tiso, Nicola; Zych, Marcinresearch article
2009Introduction of horticultural plants in LithuaniaDaubaras, Remigijus; Česonienė, Laimaconference paper
2017Investigation of antimicrobial properties of different fruitsČesonienė, Laima; Daubaras, Remigijus; Šarkinas, Antanasconference paper
2007Investigation of genetic resources of European cranberry "Oxycoccus palustris (Ericaceae)" in LithuaniaČesonienė, Laima; Daubaras, Remigijus; Areškevičiūtė, Juditaresearch article
2011Investigation of Kolomikta kiwi (Actinidia kolomikta) phenotypic and genetic diversityČesonienė, Laima; Daubaras, Remigijusconference paper
2013Investigation of phenotypic and genetic diversity of kolomikta Kiwi (Actinidia kolomikta)Česonienė, Laima; Daubaras, Remigijus; Gelvonauskis, Bronislovasresearch article
2018Investigation on the influence of clear cutting on the phenolic and flavonoid composition of Vaccinium Vitis – Idaea LŽagunis, Marius; Tiso, Nicola; Bimbiraitė-Survilienė, Kristina; Daubaras, Remigijus; Česonienė, Laima; Maruška, Audriusconference paper
2015Investigations of anthocyanins, organic acids, and sugars show great variability in nutritional and medicinal value of European cranberry (Vaccinium oxycoccos) fruitČesonienė, Laima; Daubaras, Remigijus; Jasutienė, Ina; Miliauskienė, Inga; Zych, Marcinresearch article
2013Investigations of diversity and conservation of underutilized small fruit genetic resources at Kaunas Botanical Garden of VMUDaubaras, Remigijus; Česonienė, Laima; Venskutonis, Petras Rimantas; Kraujalytė, Vilmaconference paper
2018Investigations of European Cranberry bush (Viburnum opulus) for breeding of new cultivarsČesonienė, Laima; Daubaras, Remigijus; Viškelis, Pranasconference paper
2018Investigations of pollinators species diversity in boreal forests in LithuaniaDaubaras, Remigijus; Zych, Marcin; Kaškonienė, Vilma; Miliauskas, Pauliusconference paper
2020Investigations of volatile organic compounds in berries of different Actinidia kolomikta (Rupr. & Maxim.) Maxim. accessionsČesonienė, Laima; Daubaras, Remigijus; Bogačiovienė, Sigita; Maruška, Audrius Sigitas; Stankevičius, Mantas; Valatavičius, Andrius; Zych, Marcin; Ercisli, Sezai; Ilhan, Gulceresearch article
2015Kaip saugoti spanguolynus nuo piktžolių, ligų ir kenkėjųDaubaras, Remigijus; Česonienė, Laimajournal article