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2016Three-dimensional chitin rings from body segments of a pet diplopod species: characterization and protein interaction studiesKaya, Murat; Mulerčikas, Povilas; Sargin, Idris; Kazlauskaitė, Sonata; Baublys, Vykintas; Akyuz, Bahar; Bulut, Esra; Tubelytė-Kirdienė, Vaidaresearch article
2020Usage of natural chitosan membrane obtained from insect corneal lenses as a drug carrier and its potential for point of care testsIkl, Sedef; Ramanauskaitė, Aurelija; Bilican, Behlul Koc; Mulerčikas, Povilas; Cam, Dilek; Onses, M. Serdar; Torun, Ilker; Kazlauskaitė, Sonata; Baublys, Vykintas; Aydin, Ömer; Zang, Lian-Sheng; Kaya, Muratresearch article
2009The use of biochemical markers for the determination of paternity in Japanese quails coturnix JaponicaTubelytė-Kirdienė, Vaida; Baublys, Vykintasresearch article
2009Wild boar (Sus scrofa) as study objectBaublys, Vykintas; Tubelytė-Kirdienė, Vaidaresearch article
2005Žąsų biocheminė genetinė charakteristika : daktaro disertacija : fiziniai mokslai, biochemija (04P)Baublys, Vykintasdoctoral thesis