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2008Undergrowth as a biomonitor for deposition of nitrogen, acidity and dust in pine forestSujetovienė, Gintarėconference paper
2008Toxicity Assessment of Roadside Soil Using Wild Oat (Avena sativa L.) and Cress (Lepidium sativum L.) Morphometric and Biochemical ParametersSujetovienė, Gintarė; Griauslytė, Laimaresearch article
2009Acidification and eutrophication of pine (Pine sylvestrus L.) forests demonstrated by indicator species analysisSujetovienė, Gintarėresearch article
2009Loss of forest biodiversity due to nitrogen depositionSujetovienė, Gintarėresearch article
2009A toxicity assessment of contaminated grassland soilSujetovienė, Gintarėresearch article
2010Nitrification potential of soils under pollution of a fertilizer plantSujetovienė, Gintarėresearch article
2010Changes in nitrification rate in soils near a fertilizer plantSujetovienė, Gintarėresearch article
2010Road traffic pollution effects on epiphytic lichensSujetovienė, Gintarėresearch article
2010The effect of air pollution from nitrogen dioxide on epiphytic lichensSujetovienė, Gintarėresearch article
2011Response of Acer platanoides phenology to climate change between 1956 and 2010Sujetovienė, Gintarė; Žeimavičius, Kęstutis; Gustainytė, Jurgita; Juknys, Romualdasresearch article
2011Comparison of climate warming induced changes in birch (Betula pendula Roth) and lime (Tilia cordata Mill.) phenologyJuknys, Romualdas; Sujetovienė, Gintarė; Žeimavičius, Kęstutis; Gustainytė, Jurgitaconference paper
2011Evaluation of NO2 and NH3 concentration levels in Kaunas using two different passive sampling methodsŽaltauskaitė, Jūratė; Sujetovienė, Gintarė; Laurinavičienė, Dovilė; Šliumpaitė, Irma; Juknys, Romualdasresearch article
2011Effects of drought and ultraviolet-B radiation on Lactuca sativa growth and photosynthesisSujetovienė, Gintarė; Januškaitienė, Irenaconference paper
2011Municipal effluents toxicity evaluation using higher terrestrial, aquatic plants, and invertebratesŽaltauskaitė, Jūratė; Sujetovienė, Gintarė; Čypaitė, Agnėresearch article
2011Effects of salinity on earthworm (Eisenia fetida)Gūžytė Gintarė; Sujetovienė, Gintarė; Žaltauskaitė, Jūratėresearch article
2011Effects of climate warming on timing of lime (Tilia cordata L.) phenologyJuknys, Romualdas; Sujetovienė, Gintarė; Žeimavičius, Kęstutis; Gustainytė, Jurgitaresearch article
2012Antropogeninių aplinkos pokyčių ir klimato poveikis ekosistemomsJuknys, Romualdas; Dagiliūtė, Renata; Januškaitienė, Irena; Jurkonis, Nerijus; Laurinavičienė, Dovilė; Pukienė, Rūtilė; Stravinskienė, Vida; Sujetovienė, Gintarė; Venclovienė, Jonė; Vitas, Adomas; Vitkauskaitė, Giedrė; Žaltauskaitė, Jūratėresearch article
2012Physiological effects of urban pollution in the transplanted lichen Evernia prunastriSujetovienė, Gintarė; Mickevičiūtė, Ievaconference paper
2012Effects of heavy metals on physiological parameters of the lichensSujetovienė, Gintarėconference paper
2012Response of lichens to increased nitrogen supplySujetovienė, Gintarė; Šliumpaitė, Irmaresearch article