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2007Baltic-Nordic-NW Russia network in theatre studies and education : database of study programmesbook
2019Between (in)visible influences and (im)pure traditions: hybrid character of the postdramatic in Lithuanian theatreStaniškytė, Jurgitaresearch article
2010Between East and West : intercultural challenges and the problem of authenticity in contemporary Lithuanian theaterStaniškytė, Jurgitaresearch article
4-Jun-2009Bibliniai įvaizdžiai šiuolaikiniame Lietuvos teatreValiukaitė, Astamaster thesis
2006Būti ar vaidinti?Staniškytė, Jurgitaresearch article
2011Daugybingumo formos šiuolaikiniame Lietuvos teatre : postmoderni reprezentacija ar modernios tradicijos tęsinys?Staniškytė, Jurgitaresearch article
20-Dec-2013Dialogas ir jo fenomenologinės implikacijos šiuolaikiniame teatre: teoriniai kontekstai ir Lietuvos teatro praktikosKlusaitė, Linadoctoral thesis
20-Dec-2013Dialogue and its Phenomenological Implications in Contemporary Theatre: Theoretical Contexts and Lithuanian Theatre PracticesKlusaitė, Linadoctoral thesis
2011Drąsi šalis: Estija. Įspūdžiai iš Estijos teatro festivalio „Draama 2011“Staniškytė, Jurgitaresearch article
4-Jun-2009Emigracijos įvaizdžiai lietuvių dramaturgijojeArbačiauskaitė, Giedrėmaster thesis
2013From collective to individual and back again : strategies of staging personal memories on the contemporary Baltic theatre stageStaniškytė, Jurgitabook part
2018From institutional fatigue to creative communication: audience development in Lithuanian theatresStaniškytė, Jurgitaresearch article
2016From populism to pop-archeology: performing popular culture on Lithuanian theatre stageStaniškytė, Jurgitaresearch article
2002Gyvenimo teatrai : disciplinos būvisStaniškytė, Jurgitaresearch article
2010Historical re-enactment as a vehicle for public memory : a Lithuanian case studyStaniškytė, Jurgitaresearch article
2008Identiteto sampratos kaita postmoderniame teatreStaniškytė, Jurgitaresearch article
2010(In)visible politics : towards the notion of tactical directingStaniškytė, Jurgitaresearch article
2019Inventing the past, re-writing the present: the history and memory on contemporary Lithuanian theatre stageStaniškytė, Jurgitaresearch article
2010Į klausimus atsako teatro kritikėsStaniškytė, Jurgitaresearch article
22-May-2017Jesus Christ’s Pascha and its images in the professional Lithuanian drama theatre of the end of the 20th – 21st centuryValiukaitė, Astadoctoral thesis