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2010Non-destructive analysis of defects and vibrations of a sheet of paperRagulskis, Kazimieras; Kibirkštis, Edmundas; Miliūnas, Valdas; Bivainis, Vaidas; Gegeckienė, Laura; Ragulskis, Liutaurasresearch article
2009Non-destructive diagnostics of uniformity of loading of the sheet of paperKibirkštis, Edmundas; Kabelkaitė, Asta; Dabkevičius, Artūras; Bivainis, Vaidas; Ragulskis, Liutaurasresearch article
2013Non-destructive identification of direction of orthotrophy of paperboardMiliūnas, Valdas; Kibirkštis, Edmundas; Gegeckienė, Laura; Ragulskis, Kazimieras; Ragulskis, Liutauras; Vaitasius, Kęstutisresearch article
2010Non-destructive identification of directions of orthotrophy of paper and paperboardRagulskis, Kazimieras; Kibirkštis, Edmundas; Bivainis, Vaidas; Kabelkaitė, Asta; Ragulskis, Liutaurasresearch article
2005On interpretation of fringe patterns produced by time average photoelasticityRagulskis, Minvydas; Ragulskis, Liutaurasresearch article
2006Order adaptive integration rule with equivalently weighted internal nodesRagulskis, Minvydas; Ragulskis, Liutaurasresearch article
2016Piecewise constant control of a precise measurement platformMaskeliūnas, Rimas; Maskeliūnas, Vytautas; Pauliukas, Arvydas; Ragulskis, Liutaurasresearch article
2004Plotting isoclinics for hybrid photoelasticity and finite element analysisRagulskis, Minvydas; Ragulskis, Liutaurasresearch article
2002Plotting moire fringes for circular structures from FEM resultsRagulskis, Minvydas; Maskeliūnas, Rimas; Ragulskis, Liutaurasresearch article
2005Procedure for the construction of digital shadow Moire images for the analysis of bending vibrations of plateRagulskis, Minvydas; Saunorienė, Loreta; Palevičius, Ramutis; Ragulskis, Liutaurasresearch article
2020Qualities of a vibrator, the elastic element of which has different coefficients of stiffness in the two intervals of displacements, in a separate caseRagulskis, Kazimieras; Spruogis, Bronislovas; Bogdevičius, M; Matuliauskas, Alvydas; Mištinas, Vygantas; Ragulskis, Liutaurasresearch article
2019Reflection moiré for the measurement of large amplitude vibrationsMaskeliūnas, Rimas; Ragulskis, Kazimieras; Pauliukas, Arvydas; Paškevičius, Petras; Bubulis, Algimantas; Ragulskis, Liutaurasresearch article
2018Reflection moiré for the measurement of wing vibrationsMaskeliūnas, Vytautas; Maskeliūnas, Rimas; Ragulskis, Kazimieras; Paškevičius, P; Ragulskis, Liutaurasresearch article
2015Selection of number of gaps in superimposed moiré measurementsMaskeliūnas, Rimas; Ragulskis, Kazimieras; Paškevičius, Petras; Pauliukas, Arvydas; Ragulskis, Liutaurasresearch article
2002Shearographic Visualisation of High Frequency Bending Vibrations of a PlatePalevičius, Arvydas; Ragulskis, Liutauras; Ragulskis, Minvydas; Palevičius, Ramutisresearch article
2017Study of defectoscopy of partially biodegradable LDPE filmsKibirkštis, Edmundas; Miliūnas, Valdas; Vaitasius, Kęstutis; Kabelkaitė Lukoševičė, Asta; Stepanenko, A; Ragulskis, Liutaurasresearch article
2016Superimposed moire measurements of vibrations of circular structuresMaskeliūnas, Rimas; Ragulskis, Kazimieras; Paškevičius, Paulius; Patašienė, Laima; Ragulskis, Liutaurasresearch article
2000Uncertainty estimation in the Process of Numerical Identification of Spatial Vibrations From Holographic Interference BandsRagulskis, Minvydas; Palevičius, Ramutis; Ragulskis, Liutauras; Palevičius, Arvydasresearch article
2015Uncertainty of measurement of eigenfrequency using a dynamically directed vibroexciterSudintas, Antanas Rimantas; Paškevičius, Petras; Patašienė, Laima; Ragulskis, Liutaurasresearch article
2020Unsymmetric dry friction for models of surface cleaningRagulskis, Kazimieras; Bubulis, Algimantas; Pauliukas, Arvydas; Paškevičius, P; Maskeliūnas, Rimas; Ragulskis, Liutaurasresearch article