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2011Analysis of vibrations and stability of flock printing materialKabelkaitė-Lukoševičė, Asta; Gegeckienė, Laura; Kibirkštis, Edmundas; Havenko, S; Bivainis, Vaidas; Ragulskis, Liutaurasresearch article
2006Analysis of vibrations of fluid in axi-symmetric geometryRagulskis, Minvydas; Maskeliūnas, Rimas; Kravčenkienė, Violeta; Zubavičius, Leonas; Ragulskis, Liutaurasresearch article
2007Analysis of vibrations of paper in a printing deviceKabelkaitė, Asta; Kibirkštis, Edmundas; Ragulskis, Liutauras; Dabkevičius, Artūrasresearch article
2004Applicability of time average geometric moire for vibrating elastic structuresRagulskis, Minvydas; Ragulskis, Liutauras; Maskeliūnas, Rimasresearch article
2005Applicability of time-average fluid holography for analysis of propagating wavesRagulskis, Minvydas; Palevičius, Arvydas; Fedaravičius, Algimantas; Ragulskis, Liutaurasresearch article
2018Bending vibrations of an orthotropic plate with Braille elementsKibirkštis, Edmundas; Vaitasius, Kęstutis; Bakanauskas, Vytautas; Eidukynas, Darius; Venytė, Ingrida; Ragulskis, Kazimieras; Ragulskis, Liutauras Mykolasresearch article
2010Bending-rotational vibrations of a strip of cardboardBivainis, Vaidas; Gegeckienė, Laura; Kabelkaitė, Asta; Kibirkštis, Edmundas; Ragulskis, Kazimieras; Ragulskis, Liutaurasresearch article
2007Calculation of vibrations of an incompressible elastic structureRagulskienė, Jūratė; Palevičius, Arvydas; Pilkauskas, Kęstutis; Ragulskis, Liutaurasresearch article
2006Calculation of Volumetric Strains in Experimental - Numerical Axi-symmetric Problem of Fluid VibrationsRagulskis, Minvydas; Palevičius, Arvydas; Ragulskis, Liutauras; Kravčenkienė, Violetaresearch article
2018Circular-linear model of the force of dry frictionRagulskis, Kazimieras; Bubulis, Algimantas; Maskeliūnas, Rimas; Paškevičius, P; Ragulskis, Liutaurasresearch article
2017Detection of the surface defects in thin polymeric films using projection moiréMiliūnas, Valdas; Voloshin, A; Kibirkštis, Edmundas; Stepanenko, A; Buškuvienė, Nijolė; Ragulskis, Liutaurasresearch article
2005Directional Conjugate Smoothing of Reflection Moire ImagesKravčenkienė, Violeta; Ragulskis, Minvydas; Saunorienė, Loreta; Palevičius, Arvydas; Ragulskis, Liutaurasresearch article
2012Dynamic study of transportation containers with packagesRagulskis, Kazimieras; Gegeckienė, Laura; Kibirkštis, Edmundas; Miliūnas, Valdas; Zubrickaitė, Lina; Pauliukas, Arvydas; Ragulskis, Liutaurasresearch article
2003The dynamics of a mechanical system excited parametrically by a travelling waveRagulskis, Kazimieras; Ragulskis, Liutauras; Ragulskis, Minvydas; Maskeliūnas, Rimas; Zubavičius, Leonasresearch article
2020Dynamics of a single mass vibrating system impacting into a deformable supportRagulskis, Kazimieras; Ragulskis, Liutaurasresearch article
2020Dynamics of a two mass pipe robot with the self-stopping mechanism based on viscous frictionRagulskis, Kazimieras; Spruogis, Bronislovas; Bogdevičius, M; Matuliauskas, A; Mištinas, V; Ragulskis, Liutaurasresearch article
2009Effect of continuous defects to the vibrations of a sheet of paperKibirkštis, Edmundas; Kabelkaitė, Asta; Dabkevičius, Artūras; Bivainis, Vaidas; Ragulskis, Liutaurasresearch article
2009Effect of defects on the vibrations of a paper in elements of packagesKibirkštis, Edmundas; Kabelkaitė, Asta; Dabkevičius, Artūras; Bivainis, Vaidas; Ragulskis, Liutaurasresearch article
2009Effect of defects to eigenmodes of a paperKabelkaitė, Asta; Kibirkštis, Edmundas; Ragulskis, Liutaurasresearch article
2015Effect of dynamic regime of rollers of pocket folding machine to quality of printing productsKibirkštis, Edmundas; Augutis, Stasys Vygantas; Vainilavičius, Darius; Miliūnas, Valdas; Pauliukaitis, Darius; Ragulskis, Liutaurasresearch article