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2010Hydrogen separation under high-flux, low-energy molecular ion implantation at elevated temperaturePranevičius, Liudvikas; Milčius, Darius; Pranevičius, Liudasconference paper
2010Hydrogen separation under molecular ion implantation in nanocrystalline Mg filmsPranevičius, Liudvikas; Milčius, Darius; Pranevičius, Liudas; Templier, Claudeconference paper
2008Hydrogen storage properties of Ti-doped MgAl filmsPranevičius, Liudvikas; Milčius, Darius; Pranevičius, Liudas; Templier, Clauderesearch article
2010Hydrogenation of Mg thin films in CH4 + Ar plasmasPranevičius, Liudvikas; Milčius, Darius; Pranevičius, Liudas; Templier, Clauderesearch article
2004Hydrogenation of MgAl films in plasmaPranevičius, Liudvikas; Milčius, Darius; Pranevičius, Liudasresearch article
2009Hydrogenation of Thin Mg Films in CH4 + Ar PlasmasPranevičius, Liudvikas; Milčius, Darius; Templier, Claude; Pranevičius, Liudas; Bačianskas, Aliusconference paper
2010Influence of nickel oxide amount on electrical parameters and stability of supercapacitorsKavaliauskas, Žydrūnas; Marcinauskas, Liutauras; Pranevičius, Liudas; Pranevičius, Liudvikas; Valatkevičius, Pranasresearch article
2005Influence of surface barriers on hydrogen storage in MgAl films on permeable stainless steel membranesPranevičius, Liudvikas; Templier, Claude; Pranevičius, Liudas; Milčius, Dariusresearch article
2005Influence of surface preparation and ion flux on the nitriding efficiency of austenitic stainless steelAbrasonis, Gintautas; Riviere, J.-P; Templier, Claude; Muzard, S; Pranevičius, Liudvikasresearch article
2000Interaction of ions with condensed matterGaldikas, Arvaidas; Pranevičius, Liudvikasbook
11-Sep-2008Investigation of hydrogenation kinetics of magnesium and magnesium alloys in the ionized reactive atmosphereBarnackas, Irmantasdoctoral thesis
3-Jan-2013Investigation of substrate surface effects on kinetics of thin Mg-Ni, Mg and Mg-Ti films hydrogenationLelis, Martynasdoctoral thesis
9-Dec-2010Investigation of supercapacitors with carbon electrodes obtained from argon-acetylene arc plasmaKavaliauskas, Žydrūnasdoctoral thesis
2005Ion beam nitriding of single and polycrystalline austenitic stainless steelAbrasonis, Gintautas; Riviere, J.-P; Templier, Claude; Declemy, A; Pranevičius, Liudvikas; Milhet, Xresearch article
2012Kieto kūno technologijos fizikos katedroje 1970-1990Pranevičius, Liudvikasresearch article
11-Sep-2008Magnio ir jo lydinių hidrinimo jonizuotų reaktyvių dujų aplinkoje kinetikos tyrimasBarnackas, Irmantasdoctoral thesis
16-Jan-2014Masės pernešimo reiškiniai titano ant silicio padėklo dangose, oksiduotose vandens garų plazmojeVilkinis, Pauliusmaster thesis
2004Mass-transport driven by surface instabilities in metals under reactive plasma/ion beam treatment at moderate temperaturePranevičius, Liudas; Milčius, Darius; Pranevičius, Liudvikas; Nomgaudytė, Jurgita; Širvinskaitė, Vaiva; Riviere, J.-P; Templier, Clauderesearch article
2003Mass-transport driven by surface instabilities under high-flux, low-energy nitrogen ion irradiation at elevated temperaturesPranevičius, Liudvikas; Pranevičius, Liudas; Milčius, Darius; Muzard, S; Templier, Claude; Riviere, J.-Presearch article
2002Medžiagų mokslas : dangų ir paviršių technologijos = Materials science : coatings and surface technologyPranevičius, Liudvikas; Templier, Claude; Pranevičius, Liudasbook