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2005Proces rozwoju arbitrażu w prawie pracy w Stanach ZjednoczonychSzymanski, Charlesresearch article
10-Jun-2010Does a court ordered mandatory mediation deny right to a fair trial?Žukauskaitė, Giedrėmaster thesis
10-Jun-2011Does the use of predator drones to carry out targeted killings in a foreign state's territory in response to armed attacks by non-state actors violate international law?Čiegis, Juliusmaster thesis
10-Jun-2011Whether ban on wearing the face veil in public places violates women's right to freedom of religion?Kazlauskaitė, Giedrėmaster thesis
10-Jun-2011Is a trademark holder entitled to the exclusive internet domain rights to domains of his or her trademark or similar?Sutkutė, Rūtamaster thesis
10-Jun-2011Does Social Networking Site “Facebook” Legally Collect, Use and Disclose Users Personal Information Under USA, EU and Lithuanian Law?Jarušauskaitė, Agnėmaster thesis
13-Jun-2012Can a former owner get restitution or compensation for artwoks which were seized during war?Maziliauskaitė, Virginijamaster thesis
3-Jun-2013Can e-voting guarantee democratic elections?Žėkas, Sauliusmaster thesis
5-Jun-2014Whether the security council is inactive in case of threat to the peace, breach of the peace or act of aggression?Karpavičiūtė, Evamaster thesis
5-Jun-2014Should arbitration clauses be lawful in standard consumer contracts?Krasauskas, Ramūnasmaster thesis
5-Jun-2014Whether alternative dispute resolution is working effectively in Lithuania comparing with other civil and common law countries?Palaikė, Indrėmaster thesis
5-Jun-2014Whether expressions of folklore are capable of protection under intellectual property law?Kuzmickaitė, Paulinamaster thesis
12-Jan-2017Is it legal, moral and ethical to use the newest cutting-edge technologies in warfare?Vizgaitis, Pauliusmaster thesis
1-Jun-2017Does confidentiality in international commercial arbitration violate public policy?Dombrovskaja, Marijamaster thesis
1-Jun-2017Can certain retaliatory measures by the victim state against its aggressor be considered as an abuse of its right to self-defence?Norvila, Pauliusmaster thesis
1-Jun-2017What human rights are applicable to terrorist when they are captured?Bilinskaitė, Rugilėmaster thesis
1-Jun-2017Does the organ trade constitute a fundamental human rights violation?”Kuralavičius, Eimantasmaster thesis
1-Jun-2017Are multinational corporations responsible for the protection of human rights under international law?Šimkutė, Kristinamaster thesis
7-Jun-2018Whether copyright claims excessively interfere with the right to free speech?Matulaitis, Evaldasmaster thesis