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2018Investigation of rolling bearing condition using the spectrum analysis methodBhandari, Shankar; Jotautienė, Eglėjournal article
2019An investigation of the rolling bearing condition for machine work safetyBhandari, Shankar; Jotautienė, Eglė; Juostas, Antanasresearch article
2020Riedėjimo guolio simuliacija ir vibracijų analizė spektro analizės metoduBhandari, Shankar; Jotautienė, Eglė; Ganta, Amithconference paper
2020Static ride analysis on a virtual flexible lower control arm of a double wishbone suspension to determine displacements, stresses and strainsGanta, Amith; Bhandari, Shankar; Jotautienė, Eglė; Lukoševičius, Vaidasresearch article
2021Numerical analysis on the effect of using EGR on in-cylinder temperature and emissions in an inline 4-cylinder diesel engineBhandari, Shankar; Ganta, Amith; Jotautienė, Eglėresearch article
2021Finite element analysis of deep groove ball bearing to obtain stress and contact pressureBhandari, Shankar; Jotautienė, Eglė; Juostas, Antanas; Ganta, Amithresearch article