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2019DNA analysis of parasitic Dermanyssoidea mite species from small rodents in LithuaniaKaminskienė, Evelina; Snegiriovaitė, Justina; Radzijevskaja, Jana; Paulauskas, Algimantasconference paper
2020Molecular characterization of Anaplasma phagocytophilum infection in the cervids and feeding ticks from LithuaniaRadzijevskaja, Jana; Snegiriovaitė, Justina; Kibiša, Artūras; Ražanskė, Irma; Paulauskas, Algimantasresearch article
2020A brief review: the prevalence of tick-borne pathogens in urban and suburban areasSnegiriovaitė, Justina; Radzijevskaja, Jana; Paulauskas, Algimantasresearch article
2021Small rodents and their ectoparasites in different habitat types in LithuaniaSnegiriovaitė, Justina; Kaminskienė, Evelina; Paulauskas, Algimantas; Balčiauskas, Linas; Radzijevskaja, Janaconference paper
2021Diversity of tick-borne pathogens in Ixodes ricinus ticks parasitizing small rodents in commercial gardens in LithuaniaSnegiriovaitė, Justina; Balčiauskas, Linas; Paulauskas, Algimantas; Radzijevskaja, Janaconference paper
2021Molecular detection of vector-borne pathogens from bats in LithuaniaSakalauskas, Povilas; Snegiriovaitė, Justina; Morkūnas, Julius; Eigirdas, Vytautas; Bukauskaitė, Dovilė; Makavičius, Deividas; Paulauskas, Algimantasconference paper