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1998Ultrasonic systems for sifting friable materials and application of themVasiljevas, Piotras; Vasiljeva, L; Borodinas, Sergejus; Rotmanas, Algimantasresearch article
2001Dynamic characteristics of ring-type piezoelectric ultrasonic motorKim, Nam-Hyun; Borodinas, Sergejus; Kang, Chong-Yoon; Kim, Hyun-Jai; Ko, Tae-Kuk; Jung, Hyung-Jin; Yoon, Seok-Jinresearch article
2001New principles of designing of linear ultrasonic motorBorodinas, Sergejus; Vasiljevas, Piotras; Kim, Hyun-Jai; Yoon, Seok-Jinresearch article
2002Control system for piezoelectric ultrasonic motorBorodinas, Sergejus; Kim, Nam-Hyun; Kang, Chong-Yoon; Kim, Hyun-Jai; Seok-Jin, Yoonresearch article
2004Nano-positioning system using linear ultrasonic motor with "shaking beam"Borodinas, Sergejus; Kim, Jeong-Do; Kim, Hyun-Jai; Vasiljevas, Piotras; Yoon, Seok-Jinresearch article
2004Novel piezoelectric linear ultrasonic motor based on shaking beamYoon, Seok-Jin; Ko, Hyun-Phill; Borodinas, Sergejus; Vasiljevas, Piotras; Kim, Hyun-Jairesearch article
2004Compound linear ultrasonic motor on shaking beamLee, Dong-Kyun; Han, Deuk-Young; Borodinas, Sergejus; Vasiljevas, Piotras; Yoon, Seok-Jinresearch article
2004Analysis of shaking beam actuator for piezoelectric linear ultrasonic motorLee, Kyongjai; Lee, Dong-Kyun; Borodinas, Sergejus; Vasiljevas, Piotras; Nahm, Sahn; Yoon, Seok-Jinresearch article
2004"The quarter-wave " excitation of the ultrasonic wave motorBorodinas, Sergejus; Vasiljevas, Piotras; Bareikis, Regimantas; Yoon, Seok-Jinconference paper
2005The actuator for micro moving of a body in a planeVasiljevas, Piotras; Borodinas, Sergejus; Yoon, Seok-Jin; Mažeika, Dalius; Kulvietis, Genadijusresearch article
2005Investigation of multipurpose piezoelectric actuatorBorodinas, Sergejus; Kulvietis, Genadijus; Mažeika, Dalius; Vasiljev, Piotr; Yoon, S-Jconference paper
2006A novel tiny ultrasonic linear motor using the radial mode of a bimorphKo, Hyun-Phill; Kim, Sangsig; Borodinas, Sergejus; Vasiljevas, Piotras; Kang, Chong-Yun; Yoon, Seok-Jinresearch article
2006Investigation of the multipurpose piezoelectric actuatorVasiljevas, Piotras; Borodinas, Sergejus; Mažeika, Dalius; Kulvietis, Genadijus; Yoon, Seok-Jinresearch article
2006Ultrasonic motor driver providing the maximum efficiency pointBorodinas, Sergejusresearch article
2006Constructions and characteristics of a tiny piezoelectric linear motor using radial mode vibrationsKo, Hyun-Phill; Kang, Chong-Yun; Kim, Jin-Sang; Borodinas, Sergejus; Kim, Sangsig; Yoon, Seok-Jinresearch article
2006The stator of rotating type piezo-motor based on "shaking beam" actuatorVasiljevas, Piotras; Borodinas, Sergejus; Bareikis, Regimantas; Vasiljeva, Liudmila; Iržikevičius, Arvydas Jonasresearch article
2008Investigation of omnidirectional piezoelectric actuatorVasiljevas, Piotras; Borodinas, Sergejus; Vasiljeva, Liudmila; Mažeika, Dalius; Yoon, Seok-Jinresearch article
2008The square bar-shaped multi-DOF ultrasonic motorVasiljevas, Piotras; Borodinas, Sergejus; Bareikis, Regimantas; Luchinskis, Rresearch article
2009LabVIEW : elektronikos praktiniai darbai : metodinė priemonėBorodinas, Sergejus; Batovrin, V; Romanov, Abook
2010V-mode piezomotor using flexural bending modeVasiljevas, Piotras; Borodinas, Sergejus; Stankevičius, Jonasresearch article