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2002Comments to the checklist of Gnaphosidae and Liocranidae (Arachnida, Araneae) of the Baltic States, with remarks on species new to LithuaniaRėlys, Vygandas; Dapkus, Daliusresearch article
2002Similarities between epigeic spider communities in a peatbog and surrounding pine forest: a study from southern LithuaniaRėlys, Vygandas; Dapkus, Daliusresearch article
2002Annual differences and species turnover in peat bog spider communitiesRėlys, Vygandas; Koponen, Seppo; Dapkus, Daliusresearch article
2003LithuaniaŠvitra, Giedrius; Dapkus, Dalius; Uselis, Vytautasresearch article
2003Macrolepidoptera in Laukėnai and Notigalė raised bogs (Lithuania)Dapkus, Daliusconference paper
2003Rare Macrolepidoptera species found in Lithuanian raised bogs in 1997-2002Dapkus, Daliusresearch article
2003Six noctuid (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae) species new for the Lithuanian faunaŠvitra, Giedrius; Dapkus, Dalius; Kazlauskas, Ričardasresearch article
2003Drugių įvairovė Čepkelių aukštapelkėjeDapkus, Daliusconference paper
2003Renaturalization of spider communities in anthropogenically fragmented peat bogsRėlys, Vygandas; Dapkus, Daliusconference paper
2004Macrolepidoptera in Laukėnai and Notigalė raised bogs (Lithuania)Dapkus, Daliusresearch article
2004Lepidoptera associated with the Notigalė peat bog (Lithuania)Dapkus, Daliusresearch article
2004Lepidoptera of a raised bog and adjacent forest in LithuaniaDapkus, Daliusresearch article
2004Lepidoptera associated with pine bogs of different successional stagesDapkus, Daliusresearch article
2004Epiteliniai audiniai : mokymo priemonėDapkus, Daliusbook
2005Makrodrugių bendrijos Pietryčių Lietuvos gailiniuose pušynuoseDapkus, Daliusconference paper
2006Distribution of Maculinea teleius (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae) in LithuaniaUselis, Vytautas; Švitra, Giedrius; Dapkus, Daliusresearch article
2006Interesting records of insects in Pavilniai regional parkDapkus, Daliusresearch article
2006Nocturnal Macrolepidoptera communities in Labrador tea Scots pine bog woods of southeastern Lithuanian peatland region = Naktinių makrodrugių (Macrolepidoptera) bendrijos Lietuvos pietrytinės pelkių srities gailiniuose pušynuose : summary of doctoral dissertation : biomedical sciences, zoology (05B)Dapkus, Daliusdoctoral thesis
2007Assemblages of beetles ( Coleoptera) in peat bog and surrounding pine forestDapkus, Dalius; Tamutis, Vytautasconference paper
2007New data on microlepidoptera from the Čepkelių raistas bog (southern Lithuania)Dapkus, Dalius; Jaroš, Josef; Spitzer, Karelresearch article