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2015Challenges and Rewards of Surtitling as an Audiovisual Translation Mode: A Case Study of the Contemporary Opera Have a Good Day!Abraitienė, Lina; Koverienė, Indrė; Urbonienė, JūratėStraipsnis kitose duomenų bazėse / Article in other databases (S4)
2016A multimodal approach to opera surtitlingAbraitienė, LinaStraipsnis recenzuojamoje užsienio tarptautinės konferencijos medžiagoje / Article in peer-reviewed foreign international conference proceedings (P1d)
2017Multiple choice grammar proficiency tests for the international language standards (reference levels of the CEF) : Part 2 (B22, C1); (relied upon The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR))Urbonienė, Jūratė; Abraitienė, LinaMokymo ir metodinė priemonė / Educational and methodical tool (K2c)
2016Surtitling for the Lithuanian Audience: a Case Study of Kaunas State Musical TheatreAbraitienė, LinaStraipsnis kituose recenzuojamuose leidiniuose / Article in other peer-reviewed editions (S5)