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2004Vertical integration in developmental teaching at the age of 4-8 yearsHakkarainen, Pentti Ensio; Brėdikytė, Mildaresearch article
2012Cultural-historical approach to the development of self-regulationHakkarainen, Pentti Ensioconference paper
2012Editor's introduction. Basic concepts of psychologyHakkarainen, Pentti Ensioresearch article
2012Editor's introduction. Perspective construction and perceptionHakkarainen, Pentti Ensioresearch article
2013Development of self-regulation in playBrėdikytė, Milda; Gulbinaitė, Brigita; Loikienė, Olga; Grauslienė, Izabelė; Lazdauskas, Tomas; Nasvytienė, Dalia; Hakkarainen, Pentti Ensio; Ryabkova, Irina; Sheina, Elenaconference paper
2013Kehittävän leikkipedagogiikan perusteetHakkarainen, Pentti Ensio; Brėdikytė, Mildabook
2013Pretend play, motivation and self-regulationHakkarainen, Pentti Ensioconference paper
2013Development of self-regulation in play/innovative/alternative approachesHakkarainen, Pentti Ensioconference paper
2013Adult play guidance and children's play development in a narrative play-worldHakkarainen, Pentti Ensio; Brėdikytė, Milda; Jakkula, Kaisa; Munter, Hilkkaresearch article
2013Editor's introduction. The methodological crisis in Russian (and Western) psychologyHakkarainen, Pentti Ensioresearch article
2013Editor's introduction. The psychology of childhoodHakkarainen, Pentti Ensioresearch article
2013Editor's introduction. The methodology of psychologyHakkarainen, Pentti Ensioresearch article
2014Play and imagination in human ontogenesis – Vygotsky’s cultural-historical approachHakkarainen, Pentti Ensio; Brėdikytė, Milda; Safarov, Ildarresearch article
2014Creative imagination in play-worlds : wonder-full early childhood education in Finland and the United StatesHakkarainen, Pentti Ensio; Ferholt, Bethbook part
2014Play age as source of self-regulation [elektroninis išteklius]Hakkarainen, Pentti Ensioconference paper
2014Uderstanding narrative as a key aspect of playHakkarainen, Pentti Ensio; Brėdikytė, Mildabook part
2014Preservice teaching practice in narrative environmentVuorinen, Marja-Leena; Hakkarainen, Pentti Ensioresearch article
2014Development of self-regulation in children's play [elektroninis išteklius]Hakkarainen, Pentti Ensio; Brėdikytė, Milda; Nasvytienė, Dalia; Brandišauskienė, Agnėconference paper
2015Constructing transitory activity system in play-world environmentHakkarainen, Pentti Ensiobook part
2015How play creates the Zone of Proximal DevelopmentHakkarainen, Pentti Ensio; Brėdikytė, Mildabook part