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20192D hydrodynamic modelling for identification of dewatered or flooded stream channel areas downstream large hydropower plantŠilinis, Linas; Kasiulis, Egidijus; Punys, Petrasresearch article
2013The assessment of hydrokinetic (sea waves) energy potentialKasiulis, Egidijusconference paper
2020An assessment of hydropeaking metrics of a large-sized hydropower plant operating in a lowland river, LithuaniaŠilinis, Linas; Punys, Petras; Radzevičius, Algirdas; Kasiulis, Egidijus; Dumbrauskas, Antanas; Jurevičius, Linasresearch article
2018An assessment of impact of SHP plants on the water environment and possible mitigation measuresŠilinis, Linas; Punys, Petras; Kasiulis, Egidijus; Dumbrauskas, Antanas; Česonienė, Laimaconference paper
2013Assessment of renewable electricity generation by pumped storage power plants in EU Member StatesPunys, Petras; Baublys, Raimundas; Kasiulis, Egidijus; Vaišvila, Andrius; Pelikan, Bernhard; Steller, Januszresearch article
2015Assessment of the Baltic Sea near-shore wave energy resources along the coast of Klaipėda: summary of the doctoral dissertation (technological sciences, environmental engineering)Kasiulis, Egidijusconference paper
2015Assessment of theoretical near-shore wave power potential along the Lithuanian coast of the Baltic SeaKasiulis, Egidijus; Punys, Petras; Kofoed, Jens Peterresearch article
2011The Baltic Sea Hydrometeorological observation data plausibility for evaluating wave energy potentialKasiulis, Egidijusconference paper
2012Baltijos jūros priekrantės ties Klaipėda bangų aukščių ir vėjo greičių tikimybinių skirstinių analizėKasiulis, Egidijus; Punys, Petrasresearch article
2014Bangų energetiniai ištekliai Baltijos jūros pakrantėje ties KlaipėdaKasiulis, Egidijusconference paper
2016The biological additives influence on the soil moisture retentionAdamonytė, Inga; Grybauskienė, Vilda; Kasiulis, Egidijus; Kvaraciejus, Algis; Vyčienė, Gitanaconference paper
2013A case study of the wind-wave relationship in the Lithuanian coast of the Baltic seaKasiulis, Egidijusresearch article
2017Dabarties ir ateities hidroenergetikos technologijosPunys, Petras; Kasiulis, Egidijusjournal article
2019Dam removal in the Baltic States: mission (im)possibleKasiulis, Egidijus; Šilinis, Linasconference paper
2020Dam removal in the Baltic States: mission (im)possibleKasiulis, Egidijusresearch article
2016The effect of legislation on hydropower development : case study of LithuaniaJatautas, Jaunius; Kasiulis, Egidijusresearch article
2012EU hydropower database HYDI: an outlook for current and prospective energy indicatorsPunys, Petras; Kasiulis, Egidijusresearch article
2012EU Hydropower Database HYDI: An outlook for current and prospective energy indicatorsPunys, Petras; Kasiulis, Egidijusconference paper
2012Europos Sąjungos hidroakumuliacinės elektrinės: pagrindiniai statistiniai rodikliaiPunys, Petras; Kasiulis, Egidijus; Laurinavičius, Eligijusresearch article
2015Flow regime Changes: From Impounding a Temperate Lowland River to Small Hydropower OperationsPunys, Petras; Dumbrauskas, Antanas; Kasiulis, Egidijus; Vyčienė, Gitana; Šilinis, Linasresearch article