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2018A 4-Variate Gompertz Type Diffusion Model: Computational Aspects and ApplicationsNarmontas, Martynas; Petrauskas, Edmundas; Rupšys, Petrasconference paper
2018A 4-Variate Gompertz Type Diffusion Model: Computational Aspects and ApplicationsNarmontas, Martynas; Rupšys, Petras; Petrauskas, Edmundasresearch article
2010Age-varying bivariate distribution models for growth predictionPetrauskas, Edmundas; Rupšys, Petrasresearch article
2012Analysis of height curves by stochastic differential equationsRupšys, Petras; Petrauskas, Edmundasresearch article
2006Application of stochastic logistic laws and density mixtures to stand growth analysisRupšys, Petras; Raškinienė, Danaresearch article
2005Applying of Logistic Growth Laws and Density Mixtures for the StandRupšys, Petras; Raškinienė, Danaconference paper
1992Aukštosios matematikos pratimai. D. 3Rupšys, Petras; Šimatonienė, Violeta; Kaminskienė, Janina; Navasaitienė, Rimabook
2010The Bivariate Gompertz Diffusion Model for Tree Diameter and Height DistributionRupšys, Petras; Petrauskas, Edmundasresearch article
2020Construction of reducible stochastic differential equation systems for tree height–diameter connectionsNarmontas, Martynas; Rupšys, Petras; Petrauskas, Edmundasresearch article
2010Development of q-exponential models for tree height, volume and stem profileRupšys, Petras; Petrauskas, Edmundasresearch article
2005Estimates of parameters for stochastic logistic growth laws through the maximum likelihood and the L1 distance proceduresRupšys, Petrasresearch article
2006Estimation of goodnes of fit tests for tree diameter probability modelsRupšys, Petrasresearch article
2006Estimation of parameters for the stochastic linear delay growth law through the L1 distance procedureRupšys, Petrasresearch article
2012Evaluation of Stochastic Differential Equations Approach for Predicting Individual Tree Taper and VolumeBartkevičius, Edmundas; Petrauskas, Edmundas; Rupšys, Petras; Russetti, Gracianoresearch article
2019Evolution of the bivariate tree diameter and height distributions via the stand age: von Bertalanffy bivariate diffusion process approachRupšys, Petras; Petrauskas, Edmundasresearch article
2009Forest harvesting problem in the light of the information measuresRupšys, Petras; Petrauskas, Edmundasresearch article
2013The Further Development of Stem Taper and Volume Models Defined by Stochastic Differential EquationsRupšys, Petrasbook part
2010General q-exponential Model for Tree Height, Volume and Stem ProfilePetrauskas, Edmundas; Rupšys, Petrasresearch article
2013The generalised height-diameter equations of scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) trees in LithuaniaPetrauskas, Edmundas; Rupšys, Petrasresearch article
2015Generalized fixed-effects and mixed-effects parameters height-diameter models with diffusion processesRupšys, Petrasresearch article