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2005The Lithuanian real property taxation in the context of EU countriesMalienė, Vida; Gurskienė, Virginija; Cibulskienė, Daiva; Keith, Alexanderresearch article
2009Land readjustment for sustainable rural developmentPašakarnis, Giedrius; Malienė, Vidaresearch article
2010Towards sustainable rural development in Central and Eastern Europe: Applying land consolidationPašakarnis, Giedrius; Malienė, Vidaresearch article
2011Land consolidation in Lithuania: aspiration and actualityPašakarnis, Giedrius; Malienė, Vidaresearch article
2013Herausforderungen der englischen Raumordnungspolitik für Stadt und LandAtkinson, Isabel; Malienė, Vidaresearch article
2013Rural development and challenges establishing sustainable land use in Eastern European countriesPašakarnis, Giedrius; Morley, David; Malienė, Vidaresearch article
2013Factors influencing land consolidation success: lessons learned in LithuaniaPašakarnis, Giedrius; Morley, David; Malienė, Vidabook part
2015Sustainability Aspects of Real Estate Development: Lithuanian Case Study of Sports and Entertainment ArenasApanavičienė, Rasa; Daugėlienė, Ala; Baltramonaitis, Tautvydas; Malienė, Vidaresearch article
2015Close-range photogrammetry enables documentation of environment-induced deformation of architectural heritageSužiedelytė-Visockienė, Jūratė; Bagdžiūnaitė, Renata; Malys, Naglis; Malienė, Vidaresearch article
2015Factors influencing cities pedestrian street functionality and sustainable land useMalienė, Vida; Dičiūnaitė-Rauktienė Rūtaresearch article
2015Urban Sprawl Development for Minor Housing AreasDixon-Gough, Robert; Gjorgjiev, Gjorgji; Gjorgjiev, Vanco; Gawroński, Krzysztof; Hernik, Józef; Malienė, Vida; Mattsson, Hansbook part
2015An Analysis of Professional Perceptions of Criteria Contributing to Sustainable Housing AffordabilityMulliner, Emma; Malienė, Vidaresearch article
2015Challenges of English Town and Country Planning Policies: Regeneration and Sustainable CommunitiesAtkinson, Isabel; Malienė, Vidaresearch article
2016Real estate, construction and economic development in emerging market economiesbook
2016Environmental factors influencing urban land useDičiūnaitė - Rauktienė Rūta; Malienė, Vidaresearch article
2016Transfer of agricultural land promoting the economic growth in the environment affected by anthropogenic processesGaudėšius, Rimvydas; Gurskienė, Virginija; Malienė, Vidaresearch article
2016Housing Stakeholder Preferences for the “Soft” Features of Sustainable and Healthy Housing Design in the UKProchorskaitė, Agnė; Couch, Chris; Malys, Naglis; Malienė, Vidaresearch article
2016Real estate, construction and economic development: context, concepts and (inter) connectionsAbdulai, Raymond T; Obeng-Odoom, Franklin; Ochieng, Edward; Malienė, Vidabook part
2016Real estate, construction and economic development in emerging market economies: past, present and futureAbdulai, Raymond T; Obeng-Odoom, Franklin; Ochieng, Edward; Malienė, Vidabook part
2016Real estate markets and valuation practice in Central and Eastern Eorope: Slovenia, Hubgary, Poland and LithuaniaMalienė, Vida; Atkinson, Isabel; Kovac, Maruška Šubic; Pödör, Andrea; Mizseiné, Judit Nyiri; Dixon-Gough, Robert; Hernik, Józef; Pazdan, Maria; Gaudėšius, Rimvydas; Gurskienė, Virginijabook part