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2015Flow regime Changes: From Impounding a Temperate Lowland River to Small Hydropower OperationsPunys, Petras; Dumbrauskas, Antanas; Kasiulis, Egidijus; Vyčienė, Gitana; Šilinis, Linasresearch article
2016Seaport breakwater as a renewable energy power plantKasiulis, Egidijus; Šilinis, Linasconference paper
2016Large hydropower plant hydropeaking phenomena frequency analysisŠilinis, Linas; Punys, Petras; Kasiulis, Egidijusconference paper
14-Apr-2016Nemuno upės hidrokinetinės energijos išteklių vertinimas ir technologijų tyrimaiŠilinis, Linasmaster thesis
2017Nemunas river bed hydrodynamic modelling for hydropeaking assessmentŠilinis, Linas; Punys, Petras; Kasiulis, Egidijus; Vitkauskienė, Vestaconference paper
2017Hydropower potential at historic currently non-powered sites in EU countriesKasiulis, Egidijus; Punys, Petras; Kvaraciejus, Algis; Dumbrauskas, Antanas; Šilinis, Linasconference paper
2017Tikroji Nemuno būklė KaunePunys, Petras; Šilinis, Linasjournal article
2017Impacts of the EU and national environmental legislation on tapping hydropower resources in Lithuania – A lowland countryPunys, Petras; Kasiulis, Egidijus; Kvaraciejus, Algis; Dumbrauskas, Antanas; Vyčienė, Gitana; Šilinis, Linasresearch article
2018Nemunas ties Kaunu ir tvinsta, ir džiūstaPunys, Petras; Šilinis, Linasjournal article
2018An assessment of impact of SHP plants on the water environment and possible mitigation measuresŠilinis, Linas; Punys, Petras; Kasiulis, Egidijus; Dumbrauskas, Antanas; Česonienė, Laimaconference paper
2018Theoretical Wave Power Potential Alongside the Klaipeda Seaport BreakwatersKasiulis, Egidijus; Šilinis, Linasresearch article
2019Optimal operation of a large hydropower reservoir. Case study of Kaunas HPP ReservoirJurevičius, Linas; Šilinis, Linas; Punys, Petrasconference paper
2019Dam removal in the Baltic States: mission (im)possibleKasiulis, Egidijus; Šilinis, Linasconference paper
2019An assessment of micro-hydropower potential at historic watermill, weir, and non-powered dam sites in selected EU countriesPunys, Petras; Kvaraciejus, Algis; Dumbrauskas, Antanas; Šilinis, Linas; Popa, Bogdanresearch article
2019A multi-criteria analysis for siting surface-flow constructed wetlands in tile-drained agricultural catchments: the case of LithuaniaPunys, Petras; Radzevičius, Algirdas; Kvaraciejus, Algis; Gasiūnas, Valerijus; Šilinis, Linasresearch article
20192D hydrodynamic modelling for identification of dewatered or flooded stream channel areas downstream large hydropower plantŠilinis, Linas; Kasiulis, Egidijus; Punys, Petrasresearch article
2020An assessment of hydropeaking metrics of a large-sized hydropower plant operating in a lowland river, LithuaniaŠilinis, Linas; Punys, Petras; Radzevičius, Algirdas; Kasiulis, Egidijus; Dumbrauskas, Antanas; Jurevičius, Linasresearch article