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2005Moral, Rationalität und Gelungenes Leben by Elif Özmen : [review]Gordon, John-Stewartreview article
2005Die moralischen und reehtliehen dimensionen der abtreibungsproblematikGordon, John-Stewartresearch article
2006Justice or equality?Gordon, John-Stewartresearch article
2007Bemerkungen zum BegründungstrilemmaGordon, John-Stewartbook
2007Aristoteles über Gerechtigkeit: das V. Buch der Nikomachischen EthikGordon, John-Stewartbook
2007Moral egalitarianismGordon, John-Stewartresearch article
2007WillensfreiheitGordon, John-Stewartresearch article
2008The status of the extra-corporal embryos. Perspective of a interdisciplinary approach: [review]Gordon, John-Stewartreview article
2008Poverty, human rights, and just distributionGordon, John-Stewartbook part
2008AbortionGordon, John-Stewartresearch article
2008Hedonistic utilitarianism and the argument of the experience machineGordon, John-Stewartreview article
2009On justiceGordon, John-Stewartresearch article
2009Morality and justice: reading Boylan's A just societybook
2009IntroductionGordon, John-Stewart; Kohnen, Tanjajournal article
2010Ethics as a method?Gordon, John-Stewartbook part
2010Clinical ethics consultation : theories and methods, implementation, evaluationbook
2011International conference: Justice in modern health care. Perspectives for the 21st century, hosted by the BMBF-Junior Research Group “Justice in Modern Medicine”Gordon, John-Stewartjournal article
2011On justifying human rightsGordon, John-Stewartresearch article
2011Applying the four-principle approachGordon, John-Stewart; Rauprich, Oliver; Vollmann, Jochenresearch article
2011Global ethics and principlismGordon, John-Stewartresearch article