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2001Mechanisms of currency pegging impact on national economyBuračas, Antanas; Sakalauskas, Virgilijusresearch article
2002The interactions between effective exchange rate and macroeconomic structure : case of Lithuania (1)Buračas, Antanasresearch article
2002The interactions between effective exchange rate and macroeconomic structure : attempts of econometric modeling (2)Buračas, Antanas; Zuokas, Danasresearch article
2004On paradigm of metaeconomics : essence and senceBuračas, Antanasresearch article
2004Impact of exchange rate on macroeconomy, 1996-2007 : comparative study of Estonia and LithuaniaBuračas, Antanas; Zuokas, Danasresearch article
2006Aiškinamasis ekonomikos anglų-lietuvių kalbų žodynasMackevičius, Jonasother
2010Institute for new economic thinkingBuračas, Antanasresearch article
2010Ekonominės politikos defektaiBuračas, Antanasresearch article
2010PrognozavimasBuračas, Antanasresearch article
2010Ethics and values in higher education in the era of globalization (IAU 2010)Buračas, Antanasresearch article
2010Pratarmė faksimiliniam leidimuiBuračas, Antanasresearch article
2010Knygų ir idėjų gyvenimaiBuračas, Antanasresearch article
2010Iš Valeriono Glemžos-Klemčicko senųjų teisynų kolekcijosBuračas, Antanasresearch article
2010Politinė ekonomijaBuračas, Antanasresearch article
2011Barcelona consensus for intercultural alternatives and its declarationBuračas, Antanasresearch article
2011Eschatologija žmogui ir pasauliui : [straipsnių rinkinys]book
2011Nuo redaktorių tarybos = Preface of the editorial boardBuračas, Antanasresearch article
2011The world innovation foundation. Reasons for the open research establishment : a global perspectiveBuračas, Antanasresearch article
2011Contemporary approach to the operations management and research : [recenzija]Buračas, Antanasreview article
2011ReiganomikaBuračas, Antanasresearch article