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2004Mennonites in crisis : Figures of paradox in "Peace Shall Destroy Many"Mininger, Jay Danielresearch article
2005Nachschrift eines Freundes : Kant, Lithuania, and the Praxis of EnlightenmentMininger, Jay Danielresearch article
2007Allegories of the demonicMininger, Jay Danielresearch article
2007Celan's Mandorla and the Poetics of MessianismMininger, Jay Daniel; Peck, Jason Michaelbook part
2007KantstipationMininger, Jay Daniel; Peck, Jason Michaelbook part
2008Lateness timely and untimely : towards a taxonomy of late styleMininger, Jay Danielresearch article
2008Barbaric balladry : Adorno, poetry, and cultural critiqueMininger, Jay Danielresearch article
2008Dignified Chatter : Lessons in Redoubling from Paul Celan's "Gespräch im Gebirg"Mininger, Jay Danielresearch article
2009LCC liberal arts studies : T. 2 :book
2009The insistence of desire : Paul de Man on Kierkegaard on German romanticismMininger, Jay Danielresearch article
2010The hermaphrodite sovereign : Walter Benjamin, Carl Schmitt, and the permanent state of exceptionMininger, Jay Danielresearch article
2011Jacques Lacan : Kierkegaard as a Freudian questioner of the Soul avant la lettreMininger, Jay Danielbook part
31-May-2011Besikeičiančios viešosios ir privačiosios erdvių ribos: didėjantis privačiosios srities veržimasis į viešosios srities diskursą LietuvojeGriškevičius, Domasmaster thesis
2012Paul de Man : the unwritten chapterMininger, Jay Danielbook part
2012Notes on the figure of the refugee or, towards a political philosophy of extimacyMininger, Jay Danielresearch article
2012Currencies of love : political and ethical economies of language in ShakespeareMininger, Jay Daniel; Peck, Jason Michaelbook part
2012IntroductionMininger, Jay Danieljournal article
2012Kundera, Nidas, and the fiction of central Europe Krzysztof Czyzewski : reinventing central EuropeMininger, Jay Danielbook part
2012Politics otherwise : Shakespeare as social and political critiquebook
2012Shakespeare and the politics of translation : Interview with Tomas VenclovaMininger, Jay Daniel; Patkauskas, Justasresearch article