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2004Ląstelės biologija : bendrasis vadovėlisMildažienė, Vida; Jarmalaitė, Sonata; Daugelavičius, Rimantasbook
2005The holin protein of bacteriophage PRD1 forms a pore for small-molecule and endolysin translocationŽiedaitė, Gabija; Daugelavičius, Rimantas; Bamford, Jaana K.H; Bamford, Dennis Hresearch article
2005The linear double-stranded DNA of phage Bam35 enters lysogenic host cells, but the late phage functions are suppressedGaidelytė, Aušra; Jaatinen, Silja T; Daugelavičius, Rimantas; Bamford, Jaana K.H; Bamford, Dennis Hresearch article
2005Penetration of enveloped double-stranded RNA bacteriophages phi 13 and phi 6 into Pseudomonas syringae cellsDaugelavičius, Rimantas; Cvirkaitė, Virginija; Gaidelytė, Aušra; Bakienė, Elena; Gabrėnaitė-Verkhovskaya, Rasa; Bamford, Dennis Hresearch article
2006The minor capsid protein gp7 of bacteriophage SPP1 is required for efficient infection of Bacillus subtilisVinga, Ines; Dröge, Anja; Stiege, Asita C; Lurz, Rudi; Santos, Mario A; Daugelavičius, Rimantas; Tavares, Pauloresearch article
2006The entry mechanism of membrane-containing phage Bam35 infecting Bacillus thuringiensisGaidelytė, Aušra; Cvirkaitė, Virginija; Daugelavičius, Rimantas; Bamford, Jaana K.H; Bamford, Dennis Hresearch article
2007Polymyxin B induces lysis of marine pseudoalteromonadsKrupovič, Mart; Daugelavičius, Rimantas; Bamford, Dennis Hresearch article
2007On-line monitoring of changes in host cell physiology during the one-step growth cycle of Bacillus phage Bam35Daugelavičius, Rimantas; Gaidelytė, Aušra; Cvirkaitė-Krupovič, Virginija; Bamford, Dennis Hresearch article
2007A novel lysis system in PM2, a lipid-containing marine double-stranded DNA bacteriophageKrupovič, Mart; Daugelavičius, Rimantas; Bamford, Dennis Hresearch article
2010Calcium ion-dependent entry of the membrane-containing bacteriophage PM2 into its Pseudoalteromonas hostCvirkaitė-Krupovič, Virginija; Krupovič, Mart; Daugelavičius, Rimantas; Bamford, Dennis Hresearch article
2010Assessment of the activity of RND-type multidrug efflux pumps in Pseudomonas aeruginosa using tetraphenylphosphonium ionsDaugelavičius, Rimantas; Buivydas, Andrius; Senčilo, Ana; Bamford, Dennis Hresearch article
2010Studies of Multidrug efflux pump activity in pseudomonas aeruginosa using ethidium and Tetraphenylphosphonium cationsPangonytė, Sigita; Mikalayeva, Valeryia; Daugelavičius, Rimantasconference paper
2011Studies of multidrug efflux pump activity in Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Salmonella enterica using ethidium and tetraphenylphosphonium cationsMikalayeva, Valeryia; Pangonytė, Sigita; Daugelavičius, Rimantasconference paper
2011Analysis of the activity of MDR pumps in Salmonella enterica and Pseudomonas aeruginosa using methods of potentiometry and fluorescence spectroscopyDaugelavičius, Rimantas; Alesiūtė, Justina; Pangonytė, Sigita; Mikalayeva, Valeryiaconference paper
2011Studies of multidrug efflux pump activity in salmonella enterica using nile red stain and tetraphenylphosphonium and tetraphenylarsonium cationsMikalayeva, Valeryia; Daugelavičius, Rimantasconference paper
2011Synthesis of RND-type efflux pumps inhibitor phenylalanyl-arginyl-B-naphthylamideLengvinaitė, Simona; Daugelavičius, Rimantasconference paper
2-Jun-2011Haloarchėjų Haloarcula hispanica virusinė infekcijaPangonytė, Sigitamaster thesis
2012First steps of bacteriophage SPPI entry into Bacillus subtilisJakutytė, Lina; Lurz, Rudi; Baptista, Caterina; Carballido-Lopez, Rut; São-José, Carlos; Tavares, Paulo; Daugelavičius, Rimantasresearch article
2012Application of holographic sub-wavelength diffraction gratings for monitoring of kinetics of bioprocessesTamulevičius, Tomas; Šeperys, Rimas; Andrulevičius, Mindaugas; Kopustinskas, Vitoldas; Meškinis, Šarūnas; Tamulevičius, Sigitas; Mikalayeva, Valeryia; Daugelavičius, Rimantasresearch article
2012The ζ toxin induces a set of protective responses and dormancyLioy, Virginia S; Machon, Cristina; Tabone, Mariangela; Gonzalez-Pastor, José E; Daugelavičius, Rimantas; Ayora, Silvia; Alonso, Juan Cresearch article