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1983Political psychiatry in the USSRVoren, Robert vanbook
1983Politieke psychiatrie : misbruik van de psychiatrie in de SovjetunieVoren, Robert vanbook
1987Koryagin: a man struggling for human dignitybook
1988Gorbatsjov : tussen hoop en illusieVoren, Robert vanbook
1989Soviet psychiatric abuse in the Gorbachev erabook
1989Nationalism in the USSR : problems of nationalitiesbook
2009On dissidents and madness : from the Soviet Union of Leonid Brezhnev to the "Soviet Union" of Vladimir PutinVoren, Robert vanbook
2010Cold war in psychiatry : Soviet political abuse of psychiatry and the World Psychiatric Association (WPA) = Šaltasis karas psichiatrijoje : Sovietų politinis piknaudžiavimas psichiatrija ir Pasaulio Psichiatrų Asociacija : summary of doctoral dissertation : social sciences, political sciences (02 S)Voren, Robert vandoctoral thesis
2010Abuse of psychiatry for political purposes in the USSR : a case-study and personal account of the efforts to bring them to an endVoren, Robert vanbook part
2010Political abuse of psychiatry : an historical overviewVoren, Robert vanresearch article
2010Cold war in psychiatry : human factors, secret actorsVoren, Robert vanbook
2011Undigested past : the holocaust in LithuaniaVoren, Robert vanbook
2011Psychiatry as a tool of repression against dissidents in the USSRVoren, Robert vanresearch article
2011"La defensa de la salud mental" : la experiencia de la intervención global en psiquiatría: Robert Van VoremVoren, Robert vanresearch article
2011Het onbespreekbare bespreekbaar makenVoren, Robert vanjournal article
2011Psychiatry as a tool of repression against dissidents in the USSRVoren, Robert vanresearch article
2011Neįsisavinta praeitis: holokaustas Lietuvoje : [monografija]Voren, Robert vanbook
2012The abuse of psychiatry for political purposesVoren, Robert vanbook part
2012Issues of remembrance and forgettingVoren, Robert vanresearch article
2012О диссидентах и безумии : от Советского Союза Леонида Брежнева к Советскому Союзу Владимира ПутинаVoren, Robert vanbook