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1999The Italic simple r-endingsVillanueva Svensson, Miquel Karlresearch article
2001Gaulish ieuri/ειωραι and the 2nd/3nd dual ending of the Indo-european perfect and middleVillanueva Svensson, Miquel Karlresearch article
2002A Proto-Indo-European apocope *-oHe >*-oH and related morphological problemsVillanueva Svensson, Miquel Karlresearch article
2004Lithuanian miegoti "sleep"Villanueva Svensson, Miguelresearch article
2005[Recenzija]Villanueva Svensson, Miguelreview article
2005The Baltic ë-preterit revisitedVillanueva Svensson, Miguelresearch article
2005[Recenzija]Villanueva Svensson, Miguelreview article
2006Traces of *o-grade middle root aorists in Baltic and SlavicVillanueva Svensson, Miquel Karlresearch article
2006Old Lithuanian "pame(d)mi" 'imitate'Villanueva-Svensson, Miquel Karlresearch article
2008Lithuanian "žinóti" "to know"Villanueva-Svensson, Miquel Karlresearch article
2008[Recenzija]Villanueva-Svensson, Miquel Karlreview article
2009Indo-European cluster *sk in Balto-SlavicVillanueva-Svensson, Miquel Karlresearch article
200919-oji tarptautinė istorinės kalbotyros konferencija : naujų požiūrių į baltų, slavų ir baltų-slavų kalbas sekcijaVillanueva-Svensson, Miquel Karljournal article
2009Sobre la 1a persona de singular del pretérito medio hitita -hhahat(i), licio -xagãVillanueva-Svensson, Miquel Karlresearch article
2009[Recenzija]Villanueva-Svensson, Miquel Karlreview article