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2002Achieving high momentum in the evolution of wireless infrastructures: the battle over the 1G solutionsLyytinen, Kalle; Fomin, Vladislav Vresearch article
2004The diffusion and adoption of mobile computingLyytinen, Kalle; Fomin, Vladislav V; Bunker, Deborahresearch article
2005Compendium ICT systems, infrastructure, and standards SID2 : course syllabus and teaching plan cand. Merc.-datFomin, Vladislav Vbook
2005Diffusion and Impacts of E-Commerce in the United State of America : Results from an Industry SurveyFomin, Vladislav V; King, John L; Lyytinen, Kalle, J; McGann, Sean Tresearch article
2005An analytic model for the prospective exploration of emerging infrastructuresFomin, Vladislav V; Blechar, Jenniferresearch article
2005Transition towards 3G in the Nordic and Baltic regions : a research frameworkFomin, Vladislav V; Gao, Pingresearch article
2006Design in practice : bridging the gap between design and use dichotomies in practice-based studiesde Vaujany, François-Xavier; Fomin, Vladislav Vresearch article
2006Snow, Buses, and Mobile Data ServicesFomin, Vladislav Vresearch article
2007Multi-Method Approach to Guide Design and Use of ICT Infrastructure ServiceFomin, Vladislav V; Egyedi, Tineke Mresearch article
2007Important issues for open standards government policyFomin, Vladislav Vresearch article
2007A new theoretical framework for artifact - mediated regulationFomin, Vladislav V; Vaujany, Francois-Xavier deresearch article
2008Snow, buses, and mobile data services in the information ageFomin, Vladislav Vresearch article
2008Studies of design and use of information and communication technologies in the field of management information systems = Informacijos ir komunikacijų technologijų projektavimo bei taikymo studijos informacijos sistemų valdymo srityje : habilitacijos procedūrai teikiamų mokslo darbų apžvalga : socialiniai mokslai, vadyba ir administravimas (03S) ; Vladislav FominFomin, Vladislav Vdoctoral thesis
2008Exploring the suitability of IS security management standards for SMEsBarlette, Yves; Fomin, Vladislav Vresearch article
2008Standards and infrastructure flexibility : literature reviewSpirco, Jaroslav; Fomin, Vladislav V; Egyedi, Tineke Mresearch article
2008A framework to build process theories of anticipatory information and communication technology (ICT) standardizingLyytinen, Kalle; Keil, Thomas; Fomin, Vladislav Vresearch article
2008ISO/IEC 27001 information system security management standard : exploring the reasons for law adaptionFomin, Vladislav V; de Vries, Henk J; Barlette, Yvesresearch article
2008Open standards and government policy : results of a delphi surveyFomin, Vladislav V; Pedersen, Mogens Kühn; De Vries, Henk Jresearch article
2008Vodka war : a teaching case in standardizationFomin, Vladislav V; de Vries, Henk Jresearch article
2008Theories of ICT design : where social studies of technology meet the distributed cognitive perspectiveFomin, Vladislav V; Vaujany, Francois-Xavier deresearch article