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1999Influence of the phase modulation on effeciency and quality of amplified pulses in nonstationary SBSVrublevskaja, Oksana; Girdauskas, Valdas; Dementjev, Aleksandrresearch article
2002Numerical investigation of influence of the nonlinear refraction index upon the second harmonic generationDementjev, Aleksandr; Girdauskas, Valdas; Vrublevskaja, Oksana; Kazragytė, Renataresearch article
2002Numerical treatment of short laser pulse compression in transient stimulated Brillouin scatteringDementjev, Aleksandr; Girdauskas, Valdas; Vrublevskaja, Oksanaresearch article
2004Numerical analysis of short pulse optical parametric amplification using type I phase matchingDementjev, Aleksandr; Vrublevskaja, Oksana; Girdauskas, Valdas; Kazragytė, Renataresearch article