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2008Eco-efficiency of construction minerals in LithuaniaLiobikienė, Genovaitė; Dagiliūtė, Renata; Jurkonis, Nerijusresearch article
5-Jun-2008Lietuvos mineralinių išteklių naudojimo efektyvumo įvertinimasLiobikienė, Genovaitėmaster thesis
2009Aplinkosauginės informacijos poreikis ir svarba darniam vystymuisiDagiliūtė, Renata; Venclovienė, Jonė; Liobikienė, Genovaitėresearch article
2010Lietuvių požiūris į aplinką ir darnų vystymąsiLiobikienė, Genovaitė; Juknys, Romualdasresearch article
2010Final energy consumption in Lithuania from the household sector perspectiveDagiliūtė, Renata; Liobikienė, Genovaitėresearch article
2011Sustainability of catching-up growth and convergence of new central and Eastern European EU member statesJuknys, Romualdas; Liobikienė, Genovaitė; Dagiliūtė, Renataconference paper
2011Achievements of Lithuanian sustainable development during the integration process into the European UnionLiobikienė, Genovaitė; Mandravickaitė, Justinaresearch article
2012The convergence of household consumption expenditure structure : implications on environmental impact in LithuaniaLiobikienė, Genovaitė; Juknys, Romualdasresearch article
2013Vartojimo pokyčiai Lietuvoje ir jų poveikis aplinkai eurointegracijos kontekste : daktaro disertacija : biomedicinos mokslai, ekologija ir aplinkotyra (03 B)Liobikienė, Genovaitėdoctoral thesis
2013Convergence of new members of the EU : changes in household consumption expenditure structure regarding environmental impact during the prosperous periodLiobikienė, Genovaitė; Mandravickaitė, Justinaresearch article
10-May-2013Changes in consumption and its environmental impact in Lithuania in the context of eurointegration processLiobikienė, Genovaitėdoctoral thesis
10-May-2013Vartojimo pokyčiai Lietuvoje ir jų poveikis aplinkai eurointegracijos konteksteLiobikienė, Genovaitėdoctoral thesis
2014Food consumption and GHGs : insights from LithuaniaDagiliūtė, Renata; Juozėnaitė, Rita; Liobikienė, Genovaitėresearch article
2014Sustainability of catch-up growth in the extended European UnionJuknys, Romualdas; Liobikienė, Genovaitė; Dagiliūtė, Renataresearch article
2015University contributions to environmental sustainability : challenges and opportunities from the Lithuanian caseDagiliūtė, Renata; Liobikienė, Genovaitėresearch article
2016The relationship between economic and carbon footprint changes in EU: the achievements of the EU sustainable consumption and production policy implementationLiobikienė, Genovaitė; Dagiliūtė, Renataresearch article
2016Drivers of greenhouse gas emissions in the Baltic states : decomposition analysis related to the implementation of Europe 2020 strategyLiobikienė, Genovaitė; Butkus, Mindaugas; Bernatonienė, Jurgaresearch article
2016The role of values, environmental risk perception, awareness of consequences, and willingness to assume responsibility for environmentally-friendly behaviour : the Lithuanian caseLiobikienė, Genovaitė; Juknys, Romualdasresearch article
2016Does religiosity influence environmental attitude and behaviour? The case of young LithuaniansLiobikienė, Genovaitė; Niaura, Andrius; Mandravickaitė, Justina; Vabuolas, Žydrūnasresearch article
2016Theory of planned behavior approach to understand the green purchasing behavior in the EU: A cross-cultural studyLiobikienė, Genovaitė; Mandravickaitė, Justina; Bernatonienė, Jurgaresearch article