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1983The Emigrant experience : Contract Hiring of Displaced Persons in Canadian Domestic Employment, 1947-1950Danytė, Mildaresearch article
1984Lithuanian Parishes in TorontoDanytė, Mildaresearch article
1984Lithuanian theatre in Canada after the Second World WarDanytė, Mildaresearch article
1986After the Second World War : Lithuanian DPs working in hospitals and private homesDanytė, Mildaresearch article
1986DP. Lithuanian immigration to Canada after the Second World WarDanytė, Mildabook
1987Lithuanian collections at the Multicultural History SocietyDanytė, Mildaresearch article
1989The knights of Lithuania 1913–1988 : [recenzija]Danytė, Mildareview article
1995Problems in reading religious poetryDanytė, Mildaresearch article
1999Ambivalence about Lithuania in lithuanian-canadian fiction written in englishDanytė, Mildaresearch article
1999Changing directions in comparative literature : historical and critical analysisDanytė, Mildaresearch article
2000The history of Lithuania before 1795Kiaupa, Zigmantas; Kiaupienė, Jūratė; Kuncevičius, Albinasbook
2001Representing the self in public : transgressions of dress codes by Pauline Johnson and ŽemaitėDanytė, Mildaresearch article
2002M(otherland) : multiple identities in Michael Ondaatje's "Anil's ghost" and other recent Canadian fictionDanytė, Mildaresearch article
2002Lyčių studijos ir akademinė veiklaRagaišienė, Irena; Masaitienė, Dalia; Danytė, Mildaresearch article
2002Journeys that we fear and desire : ethnicity and the Canadian literary canon at the close of the twentieth centuryDanytė, Mildaresearch article
2003Gender, ethnicity and identity in Canadian ethnic minority fiction : the Lithuanian-canadian exampleDanytė, Mildaresearch article
2004When gender immigrates. How cocncepts of gender from the homeland change or persist in the country of settlement : the Lithuanian-Canadian exampleDanytė, Mildaresearch article
2005Kanados XX a. literatūra : etninių mažumų ir moterų tapatybės problematika istoriniame kontekste : habilitacijos procedūrai teikiamų mokslo darbų apžvalga : humanitariniai mokslai, filologija (04H)Danytė, Mildadoctoral thesis
2005Beginnings and ends of emigration : life without borders in the contemporary world : a collection of sholarly essaysbook
2005The Baltic Evening in Parlament : how Canadian lithuanians and other balts lobbied for their homelands during the cold war periodDanytė, Mildaresearch article