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1996Apie vertimo ekvivalentiškumąMasaitienė, Daliaresearch article
1997Naujos leksikografijos kryptysMasaitienė, Daliaresearch article
1999Vyrų ir moterų kalbėjimo skirtumaiMasaitienė, Daliaresearch article
2000Lyčių kalbinės raiškos skirtumai (žvilgsnis į pokalbio struktūrą)Masaitienė, Daliaresearch article
2002Lyčių studijos ir akademinė veiklaRagaišienė, Irena; Masaitienė, Dalia; Danytė, Mildaresearch article
2002Kasdieninio pokalbio analizėMasaitienė, Daliaresearch article
2003Discourse markers in english and lithuanianMasaitienė, Daliaresearch article
2004Gender differences in spoken interaction : a contrastive study of english and lithuanianMasaitienė, Daliaresearch article
2004Discourse strategies on TV Talk showsMasaitienė, Daliaresearch article
2004Language and gender : politeness in spoken interactionMasaitienė, Daliaresearch article
2005Conversational style in English and LithuanianMasaitienė, Daliaresearch article
2006Men and women on TV shows - modes of expressionMasaitienė, Daliaresearch article
2006Gender and conversational interaction : checking the stereotypesMasaitienė, Daliaresearch article
2008Comparative analysis of minimal responses in english and lithuanian spoken discourseMasaitienė, Daliaresearch article
2-Jun-2008A Comparative analysis of body language related terms in Allan Pease's book Body Language: How to Read Others’ Thoughts by Their Gestures and its translation by Darius KaunelisSkurvydaitė, Aurelijamaster thesis
3-Jun-2008Political weblogs in English and Lithuanian: A comparative genre analysisRingailienė, Teresėmaster thesis
3-Jun-2008A comparative analysis of cinematographic terms in David Parkinson's 'History of Film' and its Lithuanian translationŽemaitytė, Loretamaster thesis
2009Women on TV talk shows : stereotypes and construction of identityMasaitienė, Daliaconference paper
2009On the translation of Lithuanian Municipality websites into EnglishMasaitienė, Daliaconference paper
2009Manifestations of dominance in verbal interaction of men and women in the public sphereMasaitienė, Daliaconference paper