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2000The conduit metaphor in english and lithuanian : a corpus- based approachVaičenonienė, Jūratėresearch article
2002Metaphor in political languageVaičenonienė, Jūratėresearch article
2004Academic Precision Reconsidered : A Corpus-Based AccountRuzaitė, Jūratėresearch article
2005The power of vague language : persuasive use of quantifiers in British spoken academic discourseRuzaitė, Jūratėresearch article
2006Text typology in translation : a case study of menu translationsRuzaitė, Jūratėresearch article
2006Lithuanian shop signs : national or international?Ruzaitė, Jūratėresearch article
2007Žanro teorija ir periodinės spaudos žanrinis repertuaras : [recenzija]Ruzaitė, Jūratėreview article
2007Setting boundaries to fuzzy adjectives: a corpus approachRuzaitė, Jūratėresearch article
2007Apologies in business communicationČubajevaitė, Laura; Ruzaitė, Jūratėresearch article
2007Vague language in educational settings : quantifiers and aproximators in British and American EnglishRuzaitė, Jūratėbook
2007Vague references to quantities as a face-saving strategy in teacher-student interactionRuzaitė, Jūratėresearch article
2008Development of the English language : a resource book : metodinė priemonėRuzaitė, Jūratėbook
2008Intervarietal language differences in professional settings : Vagueness in British and American academic discourseRuzaitė, Jūratėresearch article
3-Jun-2008The use of repetition in the constitution of the United States and its Lithuanian version: a case study of modality and nominal repetitionPetkutė, Rūtamaster thesis
2009Corpora for applied purposes : a case study of quantifi ers in English and LithuanianRuzaitė, Jūratėresearch article
2009Translation equivalents of vague language items : a corpus-based studyRuzaitė, Jūratėconference paper
2009Institutional narratives in universities : a case study of a Lithuanian universityRuzaitė, Jūratėconference paper
2009Relating cognitive linguistics and sociolinguisticRuzaitė, Jūratėresearch article
1-Jun-2009Terminology and text typology in translation: a case study of food labels and the European Union documentsSlapikevičiūtė, Neringamaster thesis
2010Specific language impairment : adaptation of a screening test for LithuanianRuzaitė, Jūratė; Dabašinskienė, Inetaresearch article