VMU to Launch Language School CLUE


VMU presents Culture & Language: Unique Experience (CLUE), a new language school which will be organized four times a year in the summer, autumn, winter and spring. The courses are available in two forms: as a language school of English, German and Russian in the summer and winter and a language school of English in the autumn and spring.

CLUE courses are intended to help participants improve their foreign language competences, develop cross-cultural communication and ICT skills, make use of the multicultural learning environment at VMU, and enjoy the activities of the international cultural programme. At the end of the courses, a certificate is issued in recognition of the achieved outcome of the studies.

The programme focuses not only on languages, but on culture and social events as well: those who take the courses will enjoy opportunities to feel the spirit of Lithuanian culture in Cultural Nights, international parties, film screenings etc., and discover the Lithuanian beauty in guided trips.

The courses organized in the summer and winter take 5 weeks and include English, German and Russian, while the autumn and spring versions are 16-week English language schools.

More details about the courses are available in the section “Language Schools”.

For more information please contact the organizers by e-mail (language@trt.vdu.lt).

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