VMU to Host PhD Seminar on System Management


On May 5-6 VMU hosts a doctoral seminar entitled Complex Systems Thinking and Systems of Systems Management in IS. This is the second time this seminar is hosted at VMU. Repeating the success of last year’s seminar, this time the university welcomes PhD researchers from several European countries, including Lithuania, Germany, Poland, Latvia, and Finland.

The seminar is hosted by such world-class professors as Roman Beck from IT University in Copenhagen and John King from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, as well as the local organiser Vladislav V. Fomin from VMU Faculty of Informatics.

The aim of this doctoral seminar is organise an inter-disciplinary dialogue around the philosophical grounding of complex system thinking, looking into different aspects of Information Systems, Management, and “the systems of systems management” – the complicated, sometimes complex social-technical systems that form the basis of the modernity surrounding us at every moment of our private and professional life, and which are, in one way or another, a part of the Global Information Infrastructure.

Designed as an inter-disciplinary seminar, this event gathers doctoral students from different departments, ranging from Applied Informatics or Economics and Management to International Banking and Finances. It reflects on the profound role of Information Systems in the contemporary world, and the complexity of the managerial and organisational issues at stake.

The official website of the seminar is hosted by Goethe University Frankfurt.

Inquiries on the seminar can be sent to Prof. Vladislav V. Fomin, Faculty of Informatics, VMU (v.fomin@if.vdu.lt).

Seminar’s hosts

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