VMU Studies: Great Spirit and Unforgettable Experience


Alessandro Poroli

Smiles, spirit of initiative and contagious enthusiasm, these are the three first things that come to our mind when we think about Nienke Bos, the recent graduate of Vytautas Magnus University. Nienke, a 24 year old girl from a small village in the Netherlands, has recently gained her MA diploma in Media Analysis and Journalism, a well-consolidated degree programme offered by the Faculty of Political Science and Diplomacy. Over the last two years, she has achieved excellent results in her study career, helping many VMU local students broaden their horizons with her international experience and ending up defending a thesis entitled “Mediated Female Beauty in Dutch Beauty Blogs”, an interesting research on the ways women are represented in the modern social media.

During her experience at VMU, Nienke has entered the hearts of many members of the university community, and this has happened not only due to her great skills as a student. In fact, she has also taken part in various initiatives organized by VMU International Office and other student organizations in Kaunas, including the project Erasmus for Lithuanian Schools and the so-called Cultural Nights. Nienke has also shown to be an active component of the VMU Ambassadors Club.

While studying in Kaunas, Nienke also had the chance to apply for one of the student exchange opportunities offered by VMU. Thanks to one of VMU’s 140 bilateral agreements with higher education institutions in 40 different countries, Nienke got a place at the University of Tallinn. And after her previous study experience in Latvia, she finally realized her personal dream to study in all three Baltic States. Throughout her stay in Kaunas, she has injected enthusiasm in the life of many people, spreading her passion for flying hot-air balloons and the amazing charm of photography. Her blog, full of passionate stories and photo-reports on her trips and experiences in the Baltic States and neighbouring countries, has become an inevitable reference point for many Lithuanian net surfers as well as for the international internet visitors. Thanks to her photos, the VMU community had the possibility to see the beauty of Lithuania through the eyes of a foreigner. Her great spirit of initiative has made Nienke a recognized student within the university. Her experience shows how VMU international students are unique and extremely valuable personalities for all the university members. Every year Vytautas Magnus University welcomes within its community a growing number of international students, putting a lot of effort in order to make them feel at home here and enjoy their studies.

If you want to know more about the amazing experience of studying here at VMU, you can watch this video or surf the VMU Ambassadors’ profiles.

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