Students Will Present Scandinavian Cuisine


The 11th of November is going to be an unusual Monday at the VMU Faculty of Humanities (K. Donelaičio St. 52, 2nd floor lobby): students of Baltic Region Cultures will organize the Scandinavian Cuisine Day, which will introduce the community to the traditional dishes of Scandinavian countries.

The event’s hosts will get going at 10.30 a.m.: they will not only present Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish dishes, but also tell stories about Nordic eating habits and gastronomic culture.

Everyone is welcome to attend this entertaining yet educational event, where Scandinavian cuisine will be presented and all kinds of dishes from up north will be offered for tasting. Sweet and salty, cold and hot and other flavours will be merged to produce traditional and unique tastes and get as close to the originals as possible.

In addition to the food, informational stands with intriguing facts about Scandinavia and its eating habits will be presented and videos on making Nordic dishes will be shown. According to the organizers, the programme is primarily directed towards those who are interested in Scandinavian culture and want to learn something new about the countries.

Alaus Kultūra & Delicatessen ÖL, the only restaurant in Kaunas offering traditional Danish dishes, has promised to give away some secrets of Danish cuisine during the event.

Scandinavian Cuisine Day is an initiative implemented by the students. Aware of the fact that Nordic culture is becoming ever more popular nowadays, a group of Baltic Region Cultures students together with the Institute of Foreign Languages are offering an opportunity for the university’s community to get indulged in the new trend.

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