VMU Chamber Orchestra Presented Its New CD ‘Ekspresija’


The VMU Music Academy Chamber Orchestra, which will be celebrating its second birthday in December, has prepared a special surprise for the fans: the brand new CD entitled Ekspresija (Expression).

The disc was introduced at the concert hall located in the very heart of Kaunas, near the Vienybės Square (K. Donelaičio Str. 60), on 13 November.

The orchestra played a number of pieces by recognised Lithuanian composers for the audience in the hall. Two of them were presented by their authors themselves: chair of the Lithuanian Composers’ Union Zita Bružaitė introduced Noktiurnas (Nocturne), which was dedicated exclusively to the orchestra, and this year’s winner of the Golden Cross of the Stage Algirdas Martinaitis introduced his Mirtis Ir Mergelė (The Death and the Maiden).”Sometimes a composer writes for an unknown orchestra, but I knew who I was writing for, I imagined the orchestra itself and even its separate members”, Bružaitė remembered. The composer also revealed that all notes of Noktiurnas were written at night.

Introducing Mirtis Ir Mergelė, Martinaitis was openly ecstatic: “I came to Kaunas already at nightfall. But then I saw lights in front of me: a large jam-packed hall, music playing, a conductor. This day is a truly bright event. I am really pleased to listen to a young collective. While celebrating the new CD, we all end up in the same festive light. May this interaction go on and let the music play”, the composer said.

VMU Vice-Rector for Studies Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kęstutis Šidlauskas also had some kind words to say about the orchestra. “Since the creation of VMU Chamber Orchestra two years ago, Kaunas, the city of high musical culture, only grew stronger. The orchestra deservedly stands alongside other distinguished music collectives of Kaunas and has a great advantage: youth. We wish you high notes, faraway trips and good musical flights. Thank you for the wonderful music!”, the vice-rector applauded.

The young and dashing collective may be only two years old but already it has gained swarms of fans and achieved a lot in the music world. Ever since establishment it has been a true musical intrigue, bravely taking on bold projects, experimenting and expertly combining professionalism with showmanship. The spectrum of the orchestra’s experiments is quite wide, raning from baroque to modern music, from classical concerts to multimedia installation projects, collaborations with the most famous jazz, opera and chamber music artists, etc.

Photo report by Alvydas Vaitkevičius (a.vaitkevicius@vkt.vdu.lt).

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