VMU Celebrates 25th Reestablishment Anniversary


This academic year VMU is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its reestablishment. Marking this occasion, the academic community, Kaunas residents and guests are all invited to attend events of 25 Hours. VMU in the City Streets: a series of international discussions, conferences, exhibitions, concerts and other events which will continue until the summer of 2014.

In an international conference in Kaunas on 28 April 1989, the Act of the Reestablishment of VMU was introduced, reviving the most liberal Lithuanian higher education school, which cherished creativity and freedom. Ever since reestablishment, VMU has been fostering values of honesty, dialogue and tolerance, drawing upon experiences of the Western universities, and providing students with freedom to study in their own way and develop as personalities.

The series of events dedicated to the university’s 25th anniversary was inspired by the clash between the aforementioned values and the rhythms of modern life. Caught up in the daily grind of work and other everyday chores, we often don’t have the time to stop and stay with our thoughts for a while, to be here and now. After all, there are only 24 hours in a day. But just imagine that we give you a small miracle: a 25th hour. An extra hour to be together, talk and share ideas, attend intellectually stimulating discussions, enjoy inspiring works of art and – most importantly – take time for yourself.

Throughout the entire academic year, from the autumn until the summer, VMU will organize international and cultural events which will attract both the academia and the general public: international seminars, conferences, exhibitions by foreign artists, art performances, concerts, VMU Jazz Connections festival, Media Art Days, etc.

The events of the series are dedicated not only to the members of the university community, but also to everyone who feels a desire to live and create. VMU is open to everyone; the ideas birthed here don’t remain trapped within four walls.

More information about all events dedicated to the 25th anniversary of reestablishment will be published on the university’s website.

Programme of 25 Hours. VMU in the City Streets

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