Terrorism Expert Tasnime Akunjee Will Visit VMU


Tasnime Akunjee, British criminal defence solicitor working in the field of terrorism and terrorism related offending, will hold two public lectures at Vytautas Magnus University on 26-27 May.

In the first discussion, dedicated to the cultural integration of Muslim communities in Western countries, Mr Akunjee will talk with the Professor of VMU Faculty of Social Sciences, member of UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Jonas Ruškus and the head of VMU Dept. of Philosophy and Social Critique Prof. Gintautas Mažeikis. The second discussion, which will focus on the likelihood of Islamic terrorism in Lithuania, will be held together with philosopher, VMU Professor Leonidas Donskis.

Tasnime Akunjee is a criminal defence solicitor who has been engaged in the legal work related to terrorism and terrorism-related offences since 1999. The lawyer has also been directly and actively involved in the repatriation of ‘regrettees’ (persons who have travelled to conflict zones and then regretted their initial decision). Some of his most notable work includes negotiations for the release and repatriation of a female British citizen who found herself in the custody of rebel forces in Syria and the advice and support provided to the families of three schoolgirls who travelled from London to ISIS controlled Syria.

With respect to current UK Counter Terrorism strategy, Mr Akunjee has also provided evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee on the subject as well as lectured on the topic and engaged in panel debates both in the UK and abroad.

The guest’s lectures are a rare opportunity to hear commentary and analysis by an international expert from a much wider perspective.

The first discussion with Tasnime Akunjee, Cultural Integration of Alien Communities within a Western Context, will take place on Thursday 26 May, 11 a.m., at the Valdas Adamkus Presidential Library-Museum (S. Daukanto g. 25). The discussion will be moderated by Professor of VMU Faculty of Social Sciences, member of UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Jonas Ruškus.

The second discussion, entitled The Likelihood of Islamic Terrorism in Lithuania, will be held by Mr Akunjee and philosopher, VMU Professor Leonidas Donskis on Friday 27 May, 11 a.m., at the lobby of VMU Central Building (S. Daukanto g. 28).

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