VMU Scholarships for degree studies

Vytautas Magnus University offers scholarships to foreign students who are applying for Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programmes taught in English at Vytautas Magnus University.

Upon the decision of VMU scholarship commission scholarships apply tuition fee compensations, which may cover:

• Full tuition fee for the whole study period (100 % discount)
• Half of the tuition fee for the whole study period (50 % discount)
• Full tuition fee for one academic year (100 % discount)
• Full tuition fee for one semester (100 % discount)

Application deadline for 2016 Autumn semester is July 15, 2016.

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Other VMU Scholarships

Vytautas Magnus University, after cooperating with VMU Student Representative Council, grants all the scholarships and financial support from the VMU scholarship fund, consisting of encouragement scholarships fund and other funds dedicated to student support for the most promising students. They have the right to get scholarships of several types at the same time. The awarding and payment of all scholarships to full-time VMU students are regulated are regulated by the following documents:

  • Scholarship for Lithuanian Diaspora – award and payment to descendants of Lithuanian exiles and foreigners of Lithuanian descent who lived abroad for no less than three years and upon their arrival to the Republic of Lithuania started studying at a not lower than the eighth grade and have been admitted to the University’s study programs since 2013.
  • Exchange Programmes’ Scholarships – award and disbursement to VMU students of all modes who visit foreign higher education institutions on the basis of bilateral agreements or other exchange programmes in which Vytautas Magnus University takes place.
  • Nominal Honorary Scholarship is awarded annually to the best VMU students whose achievements in scientific, art, creative, sports and (or) social activities represent the University to Lithuania and the world.
  • Doctoral Scholarship – award and payment to third-cycle students admitted to the University funded study positions or to doctoral students from other Lithuanian or foreign scientific or educational institutions with a visiting student status.
  • The special VMU Lithuanian Language Studies Scholarship is offered to participants of Lithuanian Language and Culture Summer Course or persons enrolled for Lithuanian studies.
  • Student Encouragement, Support and Allowance Award Procedures regulates Vytautas Magnus University system of student support, allowance award and encouragement scholarship provision.
  • Scholarship Award Procedures regulates the size of scholarships, distribution of funds, award and payment procedures to students of all modes and cycles of study.

State scholarships

Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania takes pleasure in offering Lithuanian state scholarships for full-time Master degree studies for nationals of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, China, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan, as well as foreigners of Lithuanian origin (to study in Lithuanian higher education institutions). Winners will receive a monthly scholarship and benefit to cover the study price in Lithuania.

For more information visit the website of the Education Exchanges Support Foundation.

Scholarship funds established by sponsors of the University

By the incomes from private or legal persons, who provide funds for students’ financial support, students are provided scholarships. They are provided according to agreements with parties and if agreements have not determined the procedure of provision, than it is established together with VMU Student Representative Council.

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