Student organisations and clubs

Each member of the VMU academic community can find a place in the university where they can satisfy their needs for relaxation, develop their personalities, expand horizons and meet similarly minded people. Academic organizations and clubs at the university draw together students and teachers with diverse needs and interests, providing space for fruitful discussions, exchange of opinions and ideas. VMU academic and student clubs bring together fans and people sharing interest in:

VMU organisation‘s establishment and validation

You cannot find the club you are looking for? Then why not to start a new one!

In accordance with the Statute of Vytautas Magnus university, lecturers, research staff and other employees of the University, as well as students, can start non-political organisations or may organise themselves to associations and clubs, in order to meet their professional, creative, cultural, social, sports or other needs. The Statute, constitution, regulations or other written documents, which regulates establishment, management, activities and reestablishment of organisation, must not contravene laws of Republic of Lithuania, University’s Statute and description of Vytautas Magnus university organisation establishment and its activities.

Description of Vytautas Magnus university organisations’ activities and validation, regulates the establishment, validation and recognition of university’s organisations, which aims to bring together community members of Vytautas Magnus university.

University’s organisations may be validated:

  • by establishing new organisation of the University (non-legal person);
  • by recognising previously established university’s organisations (legal person) and by granting it the status of University’s organisation.

Organisation, which has an official status of Vytautas Magnus university’s Organisation, is publicly recognised as University’s organisation, which is granted all rights and responsibilities, that are regulated by University’s Statute, Description of Vytautas Magnus university organisations’ activities and validation and other internal legislations of the University.

Organisations, which was acquired the status of University’s organisation, are being registered in a specific register of University’s organisations, which in accordance with Rector’s order, is managed by the Office of Student affairs.


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