European Union Public Policy and Administration

Code of programme 621N70003
Area of studies Social Sciences
Field of studies Public Administration
Lenght of programme: 2 academic years (120 ECTS)
Qualification awarded Master of Public Administration
Minimum background Bachelor’s degree
Type of programme Deepening

The goal of the graduate programme of European Union Public Policy and Administration is to prepare highly qualified specialists of public administration and analysts who will possess the skills and special expertise and experience in the matters of the European Union. Graduates of this programme will possess expert analytical competences required for the work in the institutions forming and implementing European Union public policy as well as analysing scientific problems of the public administration and public policy, consulting interested institutions and persons in Lithuania and European Union wide. Upon completion of the programme, a Master’s degree in Public Administration is granted.

Competencies acquired

Graduates of the programme obtain the following skills:

  • To be able applying European Union law and operating within the framework of European political and administrative system.
  • The ability to prepare, implement, and evaluate projects administering European Union support.
  • To be able to independently evaluate main challenges of European public policies to propose alternatives of implementing appropriate tools.
  • To be familiar with the principles of Lithuanian European policy formulating national position towards new European Union initiatives.
  • To be prepared to perform practical work in different sectors dealing with European matters.
  • To be prepared to conduct scientific analysis of significant problems in the field of European public policies and administration.

To obtain familiarity with the high culture of professional thinking.

Career opportunities

Graduating from this program may open broad opportunities for a person’s career, as well as for further studies. Their studies may be continued by applying for doctoral studies of political sciences or management and administration. As researchers, graduates will be skilled in applying different methodologies of public policy analysis and inter-disciplinary political, administrative, and legal perspective. Skills of preparing, implementing, and evaluating European Union structural projects and administrating European Union support will be valuable for the students as well as the ability to coordinate particular public institutions, cooperate between sectors and harmonize the interests of different levels and sectors. Experts on the administrative machinery that is implementing European Union policies may apply for high posts in the central, regional, and local governmental institutions, also to the European Union institutions outside Lithuania.

Final evaluation

Final paper (Master’s thesis). The program is completed with the public defence of a Master’s thesis.

Admission requirements

A Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration, Political Science, other Social Science field or Humanities required.

Complementary studies

It is recommended that applicants who have not studied in a Public Administration undergraduate programme  complete 10 credits of the Public Administration programme.


Course title Course code Volume in ECTS credits
Obligatory courses (10)
European Integration Theories ADE5008 6
European Union Law ADE5018 6
Public Sector Economy ADI5012 6
Political Institutions of the European Union and Decision Making ADE5002 6
Theoretic and Comparative Analysis in  the Public Administration ADI5017 6
Public Policy and Public Policy Analysis ADI5003 6
European Union Structural Funds and Cohesion Policy ADE5007 6
Public Administration of the European Union ADE6009 6
Lithuanian European Policy ADE6008 6
Research Methods in the Public Policy and Public Administration ADI5014 6
Optional courses  (7)
Common Agriculture Policy of the European Union ADE6007 6
Comparative Citizenship Policy ADI6007 6
Social Policies in the European Union ADE6004 6
International Public Law ADI6004 6
Planning and Implementing European Union Projects POP6007 6
European Union as an International Actor POP5006 6
Local Government Systems of the European Union Countries ADE6003 6
Research Projects (2)
Research Project Nr.1 ADE5006 6
Research Project Nr. 2 ADE6006 6
Final Paper
Master’s Thesis 30
Total  credits:   120