Doctorate (PhD)

Vytautas Magnus University has a distinct advantage which is connected to its young, promising doctoral students. Ph.D. studies at VMU open up unique possibilities for academic research and studies, which contribute to the development of a future generation of highly qualified specialists. Graduates of doctoral studies of VMU are capable of conducting independent scientific research and experimental (social, cultural) development, not to mention solving hot-button issues of Lithuanian, European and global science.

Students who are seeking a Ph.D. degree at the University are provided highly favourable conditions at every step, including studies, improvement of theoretical and methodological knowledge of a particular scientific field at various seminars and doctoral schools, implementation of independent research, participation in international scientific projects or scholarship programmes abroad, giving lectures and seminars at VMU and its partner universities, etc.

Ph.D. studies were launched at Vytautas Magnus University 4 years after its re-establishment in 1989. In the 22 years since then, the University has helped propel almost 600 young and promising Ph.D. graduates into successful scientific careers in Lithuania and abroad.

After VMU was granted permission to provide Ph.D. studies in 18 scientific fields in 2011, the education at this level went through a complete overhaul, leading to the establishment of joint and interinstitutional Ph.D. studies. The best scientists of the country (and, in some cases, from abroad) were brought to work together in every field and the networks of Ph.D studies in various fields were created. This innovative model of doctoral studies enables consolidation of the best scientific potential, knowledge and experience of the participating institutions, utilisation of all of their resources and infrastructure. It has also helped to solve questions of research quality more effectively, led to improved internal and external scientific criticisms, honesty and objectivity while avoiding duplicate topics and researches. Finally, the new model of Ph.D. studies encourages joint coordination of various research projects and assures they are of the highest quality.

Admission to Ph.D. studies are announced here.

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